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No-Till Gardening: Revisited

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by MountainOrganics, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. That's some nice ass packaging :D
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  2. Hey @Lemonfox69, how's your grow going? Do you have a journal or a thread going?
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  3. Hey, Yeah its been going okay lately :) The plant i was having problems with seems to have recovered from the wilting and the stress but i have not noticed any growth so maybe it is just in a hibernation stage possibly? I do not have a journal or a thread sorry.

    I purchased 1000 worms and threw about 50% of them in my compost tumbler and the rest in my pots and garden beds. Hopefully they speed up the process to a thriving system :)
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  4. I was impressed when I opened mine


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  5. wow... talk about product presentation!
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  6. I'm gonna do the Maya before the Lotus cuz the wife is lookin forward to that but I'm still workin on the room. I got a propane heater last week for the shop that my room is in and it took a shit after 2 days so I have a replacement on the way and I got the cspm and Malibu Compost yesterday to mix soil for the new 3x3 bed that is going in the flower room so I'll be mixing soil next week and then pop some Afghan Kush for the trial run.
    This is the first time in 5 years that I haven't had at least one plant growing and it's kinda strange lol. I'm impatiently waiting to get started again but we have so many projects on the go and everything costs so damn much to do that my room keeps getting pushed to the back burner.
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  7. Well I'm germing half of my blue lotus now so it will be nice for us to grow side by side. At some point if we all end up with different mofo packs we should think of starting a clone bank or something, just for those of us that participated here.

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  9. I'm not sure if I will do half or all at once but I do plan to make seeds for future use because I don't have room for a bunch of mother plants and we like variety and trying new/different flavors. I still have a bunch of seeds that I ordered 2 years ago and haven't got around to yet including the Afghan Kush plus Ultimate Purple, Super Skunk, and Northern Lights. I also found a pack of Panama Red X Afgoo in a local dispensary back in the summer that I'm lookin forward to trying. Too many options and not enough time or space.
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  10. Whenever I get a new pack of something I'm super excited about it always jumps to the top of my list for pheno hunts. I as well like variety so I try and hunt for my keeper as fast as possible and then either make S1s out of it or keep it as a mom.

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  11. Lmaoooooooo that's next level!
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  12. Screenshot_20180115-134809.jpg didn't know they had this already prepared to spray.
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  13. @Goodviber play ball! Those budZ look real nice. Great job! My only comment is... Batter up gro-bro mofo! LOL...cheers!
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    Thank you!!
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  15. Humboldt seed organization had it I think it's granddaddy purp and og but I can't remember

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  16. Hello everyone, first time ever posting but have been lurking for many years! Just wanted to thank EVERYONE here for all you guys and gals do. I am in the process of ordering everything I might need for my No-Till and have been able to find an answer to most all my questions simply by reading this thread. However after 240 pages I decided I might jump ahead a little and hope I didn't miss too much. One question I still have is on the topic of up-potting! I know many people here just start in their final pot and do well with that. Is there benefits to successive up-potting or is it more of a hassle than it's worth!? My final pot size will be a 20 gal following the original CC and MOFO mix. Thanks again everyone and I'm very glad to be joining the party!
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  17. Hey guys, I think I went a Lil overboard on my crimson this round... I have like a 2-3 inch thick layer of cc. It's basically like a lawn of crimson.... I've been chopping a bunch but it seems like the more I chop the more pops up lol. Think I'll be alright? Or should I physically scoop some out? [​IMG]

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