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No Taste And No Smell

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justin1000x, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hi veterans of grasscity, I am an experienced smoker but not when it comes to growing and need some help. I just bought an oz of some pretty sticky buds but they seem to have no smell and no taste at all. They do smell but kinda green like grass, lawn mower cuttings, like it might not have cured in the jar long enough. It does seem somewhat moist but is smoke-able (I get somewhat high but no taste at all and for how good it looks and how sticky it is, I take it that it should have some sort of smell and taste and would be top shelf if cured properly )do I need to finish the cure or what should I do. (Also keep in mind I have never "cured" in my life so if that is what I should do, then as much detail as possible would be nice) Thanks, and I look forward to the help. Can post pics if needed. 

  2. Just put it in a jar or make it air tight in a bag and I mean it has to be really tight. Open it every 6 or so hrs and do this for 2 weeks the longer the better.
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  3. Okay I have some HerbPreserve jars that are glass on glass apothecary and a Herbpreserve with the non chemical plastic type screw lid. Will those work? And how long do I keep the jars open for? Also how will i tell I am doing it correctly. Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it immensely. 
  4. The buds are starting to smell a tiny bit already, but they still have that grass smell lingering about. They are also becoming dry and seem to be losing their stickiness (why?).  
    Is there anyway to rehydrate and continue the cure process for 2 weeks?
  5. You can order 62% boveda humidipak on EBay to use it in the jar and forget about it.
  6. Is there any way to re-hydrate without spending more money?
  7. Lol it only cost $8-10 and you get 6 packs.
  8.  You can use an orange, lemon, lime, or apple wedge to give it more fragrance and hydrate it.
  9. I already know about those methods, I need a way without changing the flavor. I am still curing the bud and want the natural taste to come out, not an artificial...
    Anyone Else?
    Come on, I did a lot of research and this seems like the right place to get my answer. Some professional/well educated help would be appreciated.
  10. Professional help would tell you to order that 62% boveda humidipak since it will keep the weed curing for a long time in a jar but hey you complaining about paying $8-10. If you need more information then here you go
  11. Your local hardware store should sell mason jars. 2 months in a dark closet should do the trick.
  12. Just keep the curing process going. It sounds like you got some homegrown that wasn't cured, or possibly not even dried fully. The smell of grass or really "green" is normal for freshly dried buds that haven't been cured. In about 2 weeks you'll taste the weed without the "green" as well. The longer the cure, the more the flavor will come out.
    You don't need anything like a humidity packet, it sounds like a bad idea to me, either leading to mold, or just not doing anything. Trust me just keep burping the jars like twice a day for a week, then every other day for the next week. After that once or twice a week should be fine.
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    You're a dick dude...
    Sorry to come off like a "dick", I'm just trying to get this right, and if you read the topic paragraph you would know that I just bought this bud, so why would I want to put more money into something that should have been cured in the first place. If you don't have something good to say, just don't comment. In actuallity of this situation you're the one being a "dick!"
    Thanks, I appreciate the help. SO it won't become too dry?
    I was thinking of putting some damp cotton pad wrapped in foil into the jars. Will this work and how long should I do it for? Or should I just not do it altogether and go with what you just said? I wanna cure them for at least a month.
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    If you read my first comment you would know that I already have jars, thanks though.
  17. Ok then just finish the cure:) I'll bet it comes out nice!
  18. Nah, if you feel it getting too dry for your tastes, just slow down on the burping. But it will reach a point where it stays where it is. You don't need to burp the jar very often at all after a few months. What curing does is just redistributes the moisture throughout the flower, and the stems contain a lot of the moisture. The bud texture will be normal after a good cure.
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    Thanks. I am burping everyday @ 8 am, 2pm and then @ 8pm. Is this okay, or too much?
    Should I just burp at 9 and 9?
    Also I want it to go back to it stickness that it had 3 days ago, will it help if I rehydrate them?
    Won't rehydrating them make for a better cure overall?

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