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No smoke when exhaling?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dååp, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. If i take a big hit and hold it for as long as i can, maybe 30 - 40 seconds, when i exhale, there will be no smoke

    wtf? Where does it go
  2. dude thats bad for you. WHy would you hold it in that long? all thc is obsorbed in around 5 seconds. The smoke is all in your body b/c you held the hit in wayyy to long
  3. its called ghosting a hit. it just completely absorbs. its not worth doing it though. just hold it in a few seconds and let it out. i usually only hold it in for 3 seconds
  4. It goes out your ears!
  5. Damn, don't hold it in that long lol. 3 - 5 seconds is fine. No more then 10 seconds should be done.

  6. it gets absorbed through your body, and saved for later. you actually digest the smoke, and later when you take a fat fart, you'll rip smoke through your ass.

    don't believe me?? well maybe you should try it? hahaha
  7. haha no i'm kidding i'm full of shit ;)
  8. bro i actually believed you lol. cuz i was talking to my one friend about burping smoke and he said he's ripped ass and smelled bud before
  9. haha your lungs prob got more tar than my dirty ass bong.
  10. 5 seconds bro.

    All the THC is absorbed approxemately sfter 5 seconds in the lungs.
  11. you are killin your lungs bro. You really dont need to hold it in that long at all
  12. usually I do it with my friends as some stupid game we play... and yes, it's called ghosting, and its not good for you... but smoking isn't good for you either so let's not be hypocritical. :]
  13. #13 DUB SACKS, Mar 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 23, 2009
    That's not too great for you.
    THC needs MAXIMUM 5 seconds to absorb, though I believe 3 is the exact time.
    Fuck, can I even hold my breath for 40 seconds?
  14. once in a while me and my friends do the ghost game. we take a fat rip off the bong and hold it in for as long as possible.

    my personal best is 2 minutes 13 seconds. (i skin dive and scuba dive)

    the next best my friends had was 26 seconds... lol
  15. hahah i know I would probably faint in 40 seconds from no oxygen D=
  16. Hate to hijack the thread but doesn't vaporizing make the vapors longer to absorb?
  17. lol u zeroed it. thats bad for ur lungs.

    my buddy loves to play what he calls "chicago," where when one person in the circle takes a hit they hold it until they get the blunt/bowl again. im like dude. ur lungs.
  18. That game's actually pretty popular, albeit under many different names. It's not so bad in a small circle.
  19. damn i doubt i could even hold my breath for that long when my lungs aren't full of smoke. what everyone else're ghosting it which isn't necessary.
  20. Not trying to be disgusting or anything, but i smoked my ass off the other night and when i took a shit the morning after taking a shower and changing clothes it smelled HELLA dank... dont ever smoke in the house, it had to be the shit.

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