No smoke, no hope?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stoner_chick, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Hey GC
    I was jamming in my room and really craving a phat doobie...

    I resorted to the ole' scraping out le grinder - a f-ing shitty thing to have to do...
    anyone else had to do this recently..? Maybe im the only broke ass bitty :p

    Then just stumbled accross my mums stash --- !! :hello: ...behind microwave, looking fresh
    So its a cocktail of skunky resin & dope hash....

    felt to be sharing my joy with people i know appriciate :]
  2. Theres always hope, go to the bank and take out 20 peices of hope and pick up some dank
  3. "Ten pieceeees! That's like 20 grand!" I wish I could stumble across my parents stash. Stoner parents are sweet.
  4. Man just yesterday I tossed out my homemade vaporizer. Later on that day I realized I was out of weed so I went out to the garbage and found it. Broke it open and took what I could from the past few days of putting stuff into it.

    Sadly what was left wasn't enough for me to get high =( and now I'm out of money for a week! no weed for a week! :(
  5. Ah man i feel you're pain
  6. save your roach's man they are life savers
  7. i know how you feel but just look at not having any weed as a t break. thats what i do and it works for me
  8. yeah man, i love t too. thanks
  9. ughh, today would be the perfect day to stumble across a stash!!
    but i haven't been able to relocate my parents' stash.
    all the same though, feel like a huge jerk for stealing some.
    i'd go on a killing spree if they ever touched, so... guess i owe the same respect to them.

  10. I'm on the opposite side of this one....

    always have money, but can never find a connect. I've even resorted to offering a "finder's fee" to anyone who can help me pick up, lol.
  11. seriously, im in the same position now. i even give people gas money to swing by my house with the bud.

  12. Damn must be really dry around your area.
  13. not much headies, which is the only thing i buy
  14. damn i never have either of these problems work my ass off so i can HAVE money when i need it, and between me and my friends we know just about everybody in our town and surrounding towns thats willing to hook us up. so i have never had to scrape anything most ill do is smoke a roach if i dont feel like going out or spending the money
  15. behind the microwave? radioactive weed ftw??
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    Ahh to be slow. Microwaves use Radio waves on a frequency that is only absorbed by water. Only thing that's going to happen to your bud is a little warming sensation.
  17. lol i took my glass bowl and my friends glass bowl and scraped the inside and the bowl part and we had a huge bowl of sum delishish tary lookin resin lol actully it looked fuckin nasty but smoked pretty good. took a long time to get it lit good. we probly had like 10 hits each. my bowl had about an ounce through it scince last time i scraped it and his had about 2 ounces scince he last scraped it
  18. Come blaze @ mi casa! hahaha
  19. HA true say
  20. You shouldn't steal your mums weed man, she's worked hard to put a roof over your head and raise you. The very most you should take is a phat joint, or a couple of bowls. Any more is very disrespectful.

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