No smell or stickiness 2 weeks into flower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mortz79, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. 20170810_133837.jpg 20170810_133837.jpg 20170810_133954.jpg 20170810_134011.jpg Comments please?
  2. That's about right
  3. just give it time ,,when the calyxes start swelling and getting fat ,it'll start smelling ,,,plant looks ok ,,,mac,
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  4. Looks like some heat stress there. Temps high?
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  5. Looks like heat stress lack of oxygen and you will not get good flowers off her sorry friend you've made a critical error

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  6. also looks like the plant is in need of repotting ,,,do it now it'll be ok ....if you dont the buds will be small ,,,mac
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  7. Looks like PH probs or heat stress.
    But as for the smell idk man... my plants are starting to smell at a month into veg....
    You'll get some flower from it but i doubt it'll be quality.

    Where did you get the seeds? You could be growing hemp lmao.
  8. Autoflower seeds bought online. Temps have been really high for past 2 weeks but dropped in the last 2 days. Tent is now at 26 degrees. 3 plants (2 weeks younger) same strain doing really well in veg atm. Was using a 250 hps in floweting tent 60x60x140cm. Might try a less powerful bulb for the next. Will see how they turn out. Looking a lot better now but still no smell or stickiness. The ones in veg are smelling real good.
  9. Ide try next time keep the light low throughout the grow to stop stretching so you can train it out or cut here and there. As for the size and smell, dunno. mine are a little fluffy early in the flora stage as well. I think next time I will halve the nutes. Good luck fellow grower.

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  10. Hiya hows it growing been away but good things happening I've run out of space so put foil under light to stop heat burn it has worked lol what a noob theyv stop growing up now fattening up and turning golden man there solid. Sweet sweet treacle and girl scout cookie.

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  11. 20170907_163621.jpg Ok so I kept the plant going and harvested 2 days ago. It did start to smell quite nice but there was no stickiness. Hoping after drying and curing it will be ok. I think that heat stress was the culprit as July and August was so warm here and temps in the tent were always over 30 degrees. 3 new babies are 2 weeks into flower and looking and smelling awesome as the temps are now between 25 and 30 degrees. Off to Amsterdam on Thursday... :)

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