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No Smell Cannabutter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by chelleabelle, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. okay, so i have actually given this a lot of thought, mainly because i really want cannabutter, but i still live with my parents. I have thought of a way to make no smell cannabutter with a thermos. although there are some holes in my method, i am still figuring it out and im hoping you all will help me out for the good of mankind.
    I have used the following threads as reference:
    Through my research, i have found that people seem to think that decarbonization occurs at 220 degrees F, and my first question is: Does it still happen at 230? what about 250?
    I ask this because if butter can heat up to about 350 degrees, it may be beneficial to heat the butter past 220 in order to keep the thermos hot for longer.
    The best thermos i could find is the Stainless King Thermos, and i have taken the liberty of purchasing it on amazon here:
    currently, i am testing to see how long it can keep the temperature by first taking the temperature of boiling water every hour. after that, i do another experiment in increments of 2 hours(to see if opening the thermos is effecting the temperature). 
    based on the other threads, there have been victories but sadly also failures, so i am reluctant to sacrifice my dro. Therefore, i will not completely fill the thermos. Now, any air in the thermos will in fact lower the temperature of the butter dramatically, so the thermos needs to be filled with something. Water peaks at 212 degrees, and most people know, that it is most definitely less than 220. i am in it to win the biscuit, so i am not interested in filling the entire thing with butter and diluting the potency, so this begs another question: what can i fill the thermos in that will separate in butter, but will heat up to +220 degrees?
    once i have everything sorted out, i will try it out and report back! peace tybg  :metal:


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