No smell...5 th week of flowering

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    having no smell in the middle of flowering is this uncle grows outside and his plans smell real dank one week into flowering...What is the problem here...I really been trying to find out and can't get no str8 answer...please help!!!!

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  2. a bud of that size is supposed to smell by now. maybe you selected a low odor strain or phenotype.
  3. try adding 1 tsp of epsom salts per gallon of water. avoid mixing with high levels of potassium.

    magnesium & sulfur are the two biggest elements that constitute a flower's smell.

    nice bud, by the way!
  4. Thanks for the info...i am goin to try that
  5. My plants stopped smelling after flowering, when they were in the growing phase they would reek my room.... or maybe I just got used to the smell? lol.
  6. I have the same thing going on with my two plants and I was wondering if this is a problem I should be worried about or am I just being paranoid?does this mean my smokes not going to have a lot of taste either?if so what can I add to give it both smell and flavor?
  7. youre immune to it
  8. Straight up haha but when I touch the bud and smell my fingers I can smell dank just not i put my nose up to it

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