No sleep+Adderall=Hallucinations

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    Friday 5pm=80mg adderall
    No sleep.
    Saturday 10am= 20mg
    Saturday 5pm= 80mg
    Sunday 8am= 40mg
    Sunday 10pm= 60mg.

    No sleep until about 3am this morning (Monday) but heres the thing.

    Last night, I picked up a friend, popped the 60mg, and made a few of my rounds. We went back to my house and sat out on my back deck. The view is fucking astonishing. There were some clouds, a full misting fog hovering above the lake I live on, Amazing.

    As I lay in my sleeping bag talking about everything to this girl (she wants my best friend, so we talk about him a lot. He's into her, he just doesn't realize it yet :) ) I looked up and i started seeing shooting stars. The only thing, there were apparently no shooting stars.

    The clouds started running together and dancing around, and all of the sudden it was 2am and I had to bring her home.

    It was quite possibly the most euphoric hour of my life. I felt an emotional bond between a friend, (although I missed my girlfriend sooooo much. I wish she was there with me last night).

    I have never taken hallucinogens (except for Salvia, but I didn't get much from that) so last night was pretty much epic.

    This is my back yard I was on the deck the farthest from the picture, behind the Shed. About 60 degrees.
  2. It mgiht have been from no sleep. I'm not sure Adderall will cause hallucinations, but I've never taken such a dose like you did.
  3. I think it was just the combination. Not sleeping was most definitely at least 90% of the reason. If not the whole thing. But the adderall kept me up, kept my mind focused enough to daze off into the spinning sky :)

  4. You got it figured out...:hello:
  5. anyone else have input?
  6. I usually dont get much sleep with adderal but ive never done the combo of not sleeping the night before and taking a high dose... but maybe i will try! haha
  7. sleep deprivation def. causes hallucinations.

    wait till you start seein shadow people and they chase you around the house, only to be behind the next corner/:eek::smoking::smoking:

  8. After doing it so much back in the day, ive learned to ignore the shadow people and black cats. But yeah sleep deprivation causes gnarly hallucinations if your up long enough.
  9. Where do you live man? That's a nice landscape.

  10. Vyvanse does.
    i took 500 mg.
    i tripped fucking balls.
    after i got back from the ER, i went to sleep
    i woke up randomly talking to my best friend and shit (who wasn't there) and talking to random people.
    i don't remember shit though, except for that i was playing a video game on my wall and waking up randomly talkin to people.
  11. hahahaha mannn dude... i told you a long time ago adderalls can make you trip mainly because of Sleep Deprivation..

    Vyvanse on the other hand for some odd reason makes me Hallucinate

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