No shotgun?!

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  1. I just bought a zong and realized that it doesnt have a shotgun. should i try drilling a whole in it? do you think its worth trying even if theres a good chance i might brake/crack it?
    (it was $45 canadian)
  2. What in god's name is a shotgun on a bong?
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    im guessing a carb lol but if you got a zong it should be a slide mate, you don't need a shotgun ahah
  4. dear god delete this thread before somebody else sees it, there are no shotguns on a bong, zshaped or not
  5. Sounds like it uses a slide instead of a carb.
  6. This whole thread gets an EPIC FAIL
  7. LOL @ this thread.
  8. You slide the bowl out. Its much more efficent then a carb and makes for 1 hand smoking, after your done with the lighter, simply pull the bowl out and inhale. Don't drill a hole, a zong is best with a slide its will clear much faster.
  9. Oh my God is he serious.
  10. damn, you've never seen a pullbowl?
  11. really dude? :poke:
  12. ....This is sad.

    You lift the bowl off and inhale. It means that the fresh air starts at the very bottom, introduced the same way as the smoke, to ensure the fastest most efficient clear possible. The only type of carb I would ever want on a wet piece of mine would be a snorker carb.
  13. guess i'll join the lols.
  14. plenty of lulz from this department also. lrn2slide man its the unshitty way to smoke
  15. yeeeeeeah somebody get this kid before he hurts himself
  16. hmmmmmmm
  17. I don't even feed guilty feeding the troll, this is too much epic lol's

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