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No shame.. Popcan?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jeffooo, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. It's a sad thing to admit, but I know many of us have done it.
    Sure i'd love to smoke out of a nice fresh piece, often times I will find myself making a quick popcan pipe if it's a quick hit and am out of papers, etc.
    I know, completely horrible! Who else has done this? No shame here haha  :metal:

  2. I would never run out of papers. Two packs of Raws for $5. If I did run out of papers and all my pieces were somehow inoperable I would walk/drive to the gas station and get some.  Soda can? Sounds like a quick way to get Hep C and Ebola.
  3. Smoking out of soda cans helps you internally grow a tinfoil skull plate over time so you don't have to wear the hat eventually.

    I have smoked out of soda cans when there was absolutely nothing to smoke out of and I wasn't driving then.
  4. Last resort is an apple. I've smoked out of plenty of cans and my brain is fine though.
  5. Once or twice when I was young and stupid back in high school. Nowadays it isn't even a consideration. I'd rater go sober for a few hours than be a crackhead smoking out of a can.
  6. Got to do what you got to do. I mean hell if I get Alzheimer's from using cans in my past who cares cause I won't remember it.

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  7. I'm not desperate enough and I will never be. 
    Out of papers? Go to the store for papers or a blunt. 
    I'd rather use one of those metal socket wrench thingies and make a gravity bong. You know those little attachable pieces you use with a socket wrench? One of those.
    A pop can? 
    What are we crack heads?
  8. Done it my fair share, gotta do what you gotta do

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  9. I've done it once way back when. Now I'd rather just not smoke that night than rig something like that.
    Although last year my room mate and I had to smoke out of a Gatorade bottle bong every day because we lived in the dorms, and the GB was the only thing that would keep the smoke contained enough for us to use it inside and blow it out the window

    Happy toking!

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  10. back in the day when i was but a young scrub i had my fair share of pop can pieces.
  11. When I was new to weed my friends and I used soda cans. But that was like when we were very new and inexperienced.
  12. I've done it a couple times in HS, but I haven't in ages and don't plan on doing it again.
  13. Don't do the can bowl dude it is SOOOO BAD for you. I did it 3 times when I first started smoking when I didn't have any other way to smoke but I would never consider doing it again. Terrible just terrible.

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  14. It's happened before and it will probably happen again sometime....unfortunately.
  15. A few times 30 years ago. 

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