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  1. Hi there blades,

    So I have been having a real issue with my girlfriend of nearly 4 years. We have been dating since both of us have been in college, different schools, long distance. I took a year off in between due to a medical issue and went back to school 5 hours away this past spring, so thus a long distance relationship again. She graduated last year and is now working full-time in our hometown while I am away at school. I have been home for breaks and our relationship seems pretty good until I think about how we barely ever have sex anymore.

    I mean not even a handjob or blowjob or making out for months. I have been home for summer and we haven't had sex yet.

    I have tried talking to her about it and asking what I can do about it and she always gives an excuse how we both live at home and can't be alone together because we both still live with our parents. We have had sex before at her house in her room when her parents have gone to sleep, but it is so hard trying to be quiet and quick and when we can't even get fully undressed and she makes us go in the corner of her room behind her bed like that would make any difference to how quiet we are. The last time we tried in her house I was nervous about her parents coming in and I couldn't get hard. I know it was a disappointment, but I talked to her and she understands.

    But when I brought it up that we haven't had sex she gave me the reason that she thought I wanted to wait because of what happened that time...I told her that's not true and that I am ready and I don't know why she is thinking that.

    I just want to be like "Listen (Insert her name her) I really love and care about you, but I don't think it's fair to either of that there isn't a lot of action going on in the relationship, and if there is something at the causation of that let me know so I can fix it"

    But I know when I say that she is just going to say it is because we are both living at home or some other excuse.

    I am getting frustrated to the point where it is keeping me up at night because I don't know what to do about it.

    Anyone else been in a similar situation?
  2. I've never been in a similar situation, but I think its safe to say you figured it all out.

    Just sit her down and calmly talk about it with her. Its an important topic, so if you tell her this, I'm sure she'll be kind enough to listen to your side of the story at least.
  3. I've never had a situation like that, but you've gotta fix it one way or another. Once my ex-girlfriend and cut back on the sexual stuff was when stuff kind of started to fall out :/ Also, she was a bitch, so don't use her as comparison.

    - Try to go out, get out of the house, or just get alone somewhere else, and do something you used to do when you were dating and really into each other. Maybe she feels like "the magic" has kind of gone out of things.
    - Maybe she has something else really bothering her. Just try to talk to her. Communicate. Or, just make her feel important.
    - Maybe "the magic" had disappeared in the way that you need to do something brand new. Maybe she feels like you guys are always doing the same thing and that she's bored. She could even have just gotten really bored sexually. Try some funky ass shit when you do start having sex again.
  4. and just my luck this past weekend she was house sitting for her boss and we had the whole place to ourselves for the entire weekend and she tells me she has a yeast infection. fanfuckingtastic.
  5. honesly bro just get some on the side from somone else and problem solved.
  6. You're both adults, having sex in her house, I don't think her parents think she's pure as driven snow, fucking A you've been in a relationship for 4 years I'm pretty sure her parents know you guys have sex. It's something she needs to discuss with her parents too if she's that afraid they're going to walk in her having sex with her boyfriend. Or tell her to get a lock on her fucking door. Or just hang your tie on it when you go visit.

    My dad heard me nailing an underaged girl (by less than 6 months) in my room when I was back home once. All he said was "well she wasn't quiet" and "wait til she's 18".
  7. I've never had that situation but for some reason i suspect she's cheating on you. From your post it seemed evident that she doesn't have the sexual drive that you have, and if you haven't tapped that in months how come she doesnt want it too? I mean she should if she's like any other girl.
  8. I'm sorry dude, but that's just disrespectful.

    And I'm sure it's not an option if he really loves her.
  9. She is on birth control and I think that may decrease her sex drive. One can never be certain, but I am 99% sure she is not cheating on me.
  10. you need a "date nite". yes girls do like it when we go out with our guys and be romantic. it cant always be "drop ya thong n spread ya ass cheeks" lol

    take her to a place u know she likes and be romantic (u know u can if u love her) plus if u can have a deep convo, explain u feel neglected (yes u gotta suck it up and explain, its better that way, u know us females love to talk about feelings :rolleyes: lol

    and if that dont work..........something wrong here.
  11. go camping or rent a fucking room if it is that big of a problem
  12. ^camp in the back yard, that's original but keeps it fun too, you can steal food from the fridge and use the shitter and still do the bangbang boogie outside

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