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    I ordered seeds from the attitude and got them sent with a T-shirt and I got the t shirt and there was no seeds inside. There's no green tape or letter or anything. There's a customs sticker but it says t shirt on it and in fine print it basically says that the package doesn't contain anything dangerous but I don't think that sticker is from united states customs. But my question is does this mean they found my beans? And what should I do from here? Try to get them resent or call it a loss and move on?
  2. Yes they were taken. Call it a loss and move on unless you can somehow get them resent
  3. That's what I was thinking. But there's not a note or a warning or anything. Just a T-shirt so I'm wandering if someone at a post office took Em. Anyways I got guaranteed shipping. You think it would be stupid to get the order resent?
  4. Yes. You got sacked by customs and they now have your seeds. Try to order in-country next time. Are you in the US? If so, we have several good seed banks here now so there's no need to risk it. I might add that what has happened to you is not the norm. 99% of the time, seeds get through customs easily. I've ordered many times and never had mine confiscated. However, it is a risk you take and every now and then, I see where they did find someone's order and keep their seeds. Was awful nice of them to send you the T-shirt though, huh? LOL You might try contacting the seed bank and telling them what happened. Often times, they'll make up the order just to keep your business for the future. It's worth a try. Otherwise, order in-country next time if there is any way possible and you don't have to worry about it. TWW
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    Your correct. I should have gotten from within the u.s but the weird part is the only customs sticker is for UK customs so were they the ones that took the seeds?
  6. I don't know about your order but the first time I ordered seeds, they were sent so discreetly that I put them in recycling without knowing. Thankfully I went back to look again (they were jammed in the corrugation of some cardboard) and found them. Mine were ordered from Female Seeds Co.
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  8. So were they in there?
  9. Yes. Doesn't get any stealthier than that
  10. Wow now that's what you. Called super sheath
  11. Yeah. I would explain how they had it packed but then it wouldn't be so stealthy anymore lol. I'm extremely pleased. It tricked me and I was looking for them haha.
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  12. Im sending you a PM I got the same problem.....
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    LOL holy shit, they dont get any better than this, got my seeds A+++

    Edit: If you want to order seeds Id go through attitude lol..

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