No saw edge on leaves!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mahoney, May 27, 2009.

  1. I am a n00b so this might be normal.

    I cloned my girls while in the beginning of flower. After they rooted they finally started vegging again but they look like mutants - nothing like the plants they came from!
    Some of the leaves come out as singles and! some of the leaves are smooth edged.

    Hell, I could have these in the backyard and nobody would know what they were unless they were a grower. The other strains are doing fine under the t5's, so the conditions are fine... even the mutants are growing great guns.

    Somebody please tell me this is normal! I don't know what to think! :confused:
  2. if you're doing the same for that plant as for all the others that are growing normal, i guess it should be fine...

    I had similar experience with my super skunk, also got a clone from friend and at cca. 20cm height it strted to make funny curled leaves, some with 2 leaves, some just one, some not sawed etc... but now when it's about 40cm tall, it's starting to make normal 5 leaves again...

    I wouldn't be worried, but I could be wrong also, since I'm not really experienced grower...
  3. Well hey thanks for the input!

    So far I have seen four distinct leaf "expressions" from each of these plants but nothing so radical. I took the cuttings while they were in flower and that probably complicated things a bit!

    They are growing quite well in spite of this wierdness!


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