No Reply !! Fuhhh

Discussion in 'General' started by chinoko, May 9, 2011.

  1. I fucking hate when girls don't text back. Fuck.
    Especially if she hits you up first.

    Why do you think girls could be full of shit? fuck.
  2. She's probably touching herself, but peep through her bedroom window to be sure.
  3. I'm touching myself
  4. Brush it off.
  5. You probably bore her bro.

  6. Call her and ask her.
  7. She is busy in the kitchen.
  8. its not a very bad thing.. if theyre up your ass all day youll get bored with them.. its a strategy :)
  9. battery died, lost signal, aliens are probing her...The list is endless. ;)
  10. They start texting back when you stop caring if they do. Stupid, but that's the world.
  11. Dont text her straight away wen she does text back, thats schoolboy...
  12. send her a picture of your penis
  13. Yeah man, playing stupid little games is so much better right ;)
  14. nah but he dont wanna seem desperate.

    Im more of a ill text you back when i feel like it kinda guy.
  15. She's messing with your head man! Thats what we do, well some of the time. She's got you wondering why she didnt text you back though right :D
  16. sounds like a smut to me

  17. thats messed up. She hit me up first. Whatever. And I replied back like every hour or so..
  18. as my boy MJ would say................
  19. Go jizz in her face. That'll show her.

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