No pre employment drug testing.

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  1. Hey guys so I'm new. So I just applied for this job and after about 21 days being sober. My girlfriend who is a toker as well decided to randomly look into my application. Now my application is for the county and it's a pool maintenance technician apprentice. Upon reading more into my application it only stated the job is contingent on passing a background check. I then started searching other jobs and all these other jobs stated background checking and pre employment drug screening. However mine did not. I checked all my other government jobs I applied for and all have mentioned pre employment drug testing on the application. Again mine did not. I'm from Nevada and I read some of the statutes and I'm pretty sure it's required here to post that you do pre employment drug testing. So I think I dodged a bullet and am able to start toking as I also noticed the full time position that my job offers (same position but you get benefits) mentions pre employment drug testing. Do you guys think I'm safe? I don't think they will waste their money on a test since all I'm doing is learning under someone.

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  2. Sounds like it wouldn't hurt to wait until you have the job for a few reasons.
    Just because you applied does not mean the job is yours. You may need to seek employment elsewhere.
    If they do happen to require a test, you will be ready and not fail.
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  3. I actually was selected for the position. Still nothing mentioned pre employment screening
  4. Since every other job but that one says drug test, I'd assume that was accidentally left off that job ad. You're going to have a drug test.
  5. I looked into it more. Some have nothing about background checks. Some say it. Some don't. Some say pre employment drug testing. Some don't. It seems that the ones only in public safety and transportation are requiring drug tests
  6. I'm going through a similar situation. I applied for a technician position with a government agency and I got the job. It's a 6 month seasonal position. No mention of drug-testing on the job notice posting. I'm just finishing a 3 week T-break. My job starts around mid-April. I'm going to take a weed break through most of the summer. The scary part is if I'm ever in an accident, then I will definitely have to do a drug test and I don't want to risk losing this job. The good news is as soon as I'm laid off in the fall, I'll be blazing every day until the next spring.
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  7. That's awesome man. My position is year round as well however I will only be shadowing someone so I will not be operating the equipment or driving vehicles. However I plan on buying sub solution synthetic to keep on me at all times.
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  8. If it's union there will be a drug test. I can help you study if you want

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  9. Yea dude id just wait till after you get your job cause your not guaranteed employment and may have to look somewhere else good luck man #420blazeit
  10. Seasonal jobs don't usally test

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  11. Yeah, that's what I thought too. But my job carries a higher than average amount of risk with it and even though I'm only seasonal I know if I get in an accident at work then they will make me take a drug test at that point.
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  12. Either that or where I work will just fire you whether it was your fault or not so I still smoke anyways and no random drug tests so I'm good lol
  13. Let me rephrase everything. Sorry guys I was a bit all over the place. So I interviewed for that said position. During my interview the guy ended my interview with if I have any issues filling out paperwork like a background check. I said no. So I assumed that may have been somewhat of an idea they would offer me the job. A few weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything so I emailed him to see what's going on with the position. He responded saying I was selected for the position and someone from HR should contact me. I received a call from HR and they offered me the position which I accepted and they asked me to come in for fingerprinting and a background check. Again nothing was mentioned about a drug test. When I looked into Nevada law. It states it is required by law for it to mention pre employment drug testing. It doesn't mention anything about that except that the job is contingent on passing a background check. When I looked at other jobs. Some mentioned just a background check. Some mentioned both. Some didn't mention any so it seems they pick and choose which ones seem to need drug testing. Generally the higher risk jobs, transporting jobs mentioned it. The full time version of my position requires a drug test but the apprentice position does not mention it. From what I've read is if they haven't mentioned anything so far that I'm probably set to not worry about a drug test. However if I am involved in injury at work I'm assuming there is a drug test to follow which is why I have a sub synthetic on the way. But so far it seems to me that I'm in the clear of avoiding a drug test at this job
  14. yeah sounds like your in the clear Op .. i live in nevada to & ive slid into many jobs that didnt test neither was it mentioned in there ad congratz on that ..
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  15. Thankyou that makes me feel so much more comfortable. Time to toke up! Yes I've had other jobs as well that didn't even perform background checks on me. All I did was the interview and that's it
  16. Most places will say they will test somewhere in the fine print, but don't actually do. I've been tested once since I was 17.

    I wanted that job, too. Would have been a lifeguard haha

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