No Pre Employment Drug Test

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  1. Hello everyone, I posted on here about a week ago sharing you guys some info on my upcoming job. Well needless to say I got the job and have been working and no sign of a drug test. To fill everyone in. I currently have one government job with the city managing a pool which I was drug tested for. I applied for an apprentice position doing pool maintenance with the county. I assumed since its technically another government job I'd get drug tested. About 30 days of me being sober. I was bored out of my mind and decided to look into synthetic urine (just for when after I got the job just to be safe). Upon looking into that I decided to look into my jobs drug testing policies to see what I'm up against. As I read through the application I noticed that the job only stated it was contingent on passing a background check? Nothing mentioned pre employment or random testing. So I started to look at all the government jobs in my state and I noticed all of my city jobs request it but however. Only certain jobs with the County required it. Still being skeptical and not wanting any surprises. I wanted to wait until I met with HR as they are the ones providing my paperwork. Went I met with HR to fill out my fingerprinting/background check paperwork I asked them what other pre employment procedures are there? They answered that this is all the company requested for us to give you. So like I said I still waited around to start on my first day which I did and no mention of a drug test. I have my synthetic on hand just in case but I just wanted to share my story with you guys if you're in a similar situation. Not all jobs drug test (even government ones) and to check with your state drug testing laws. I believe in Nevada if you do not sign anything or if they don't announce it before offering the job they are violating your rights.
  2. That's great, congrats! Sounds like you should be good to go unless they have random then you got your synthetic (some don't work, well known ones the lab can pick up on).
  3. I read into a brand called sub solution by clear choice? It seemed the most popular by alot of the articles I was reading. Quite expensive but I'll pay the money over losing my job.
  4. I'm sure it's fine but i've read a few can be spotted, if you did your research you probably found a good one. It sounds familiar, worst case a clean buddy could pee in a dasani bottle and you could hold on to that for a pretty long time too.
  5. If they drug tested pool boys there wouldn't be any lol

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