No posts in a whole day? Had to post something.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bluetorch1985, Aug 8, 2001.

  1. No posts in over a day makes alex go psycho.. not really but i was just smoking a big blunt outside with my brother. I was skateboarding around when this car pulls up. There was 4 girls and a guy. One of the girls hangs out the window and is like can i smoke with you... :eek: I'm single she looked good so i said what the hell.. 3 of the girls hop out and the car drives away we sit around and smoke for a couple hours.. We all decided to go to my apartment and thats where i am now. :D ;)

    I'm out for now.
  2. then why r u on the computer? go back to bed. ;)
  3. haha, bed rhymes with "getting head"! haha
  4. I'm feeling an 8 year bump comin' on!
  5. why the FUCK!? would u bump a thread thats 8 years old?!?!?!?
    lol, its funny tho. how the hell do u find a thread as old as the city???
  6. this is the second thread in a row that was 8 years old and got bumped
  7. AHAHAHah awww it's like bringing up old memories of stoners..
  8. Yea I've bumped two 8 year old threads cuz someone bumped an old one so it gave me the idea.
  9. mindfuck
  10. Go get em pal!
  11. Goddamn...2001. I was eleven. And in the 6th grade. I feel old.:(
  12. You went to school at 5? Nice
  13. this thread is pointless, why would you revive it?
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    jesus christ its becoming a habit

  15. yeah mostly everyone in the US does. kindergarten starts at 5-6 yrs old
  16. 8 year bump wtf

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