No pollen on these bananas... really?

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  1. I posted this pic in another thread, but wanted to start a new train of thought. I have been actively trying to collect pollen from these bananas and another pair on the same plant, but I'm seeing nothing: No fine pollen-like dust... Even when I look under a loop. I'm using a toothpick to try to collect the pollen but these don't seem to have anything that remotely looks like pollen. Maybe these guys had a vasectomy? :)
  2. Didn't we have this conversation already?
  3. Hmmm... apparently the ability to read is impaired when high. :) That other thread was a different topic... no disrespect intended.
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  4. Seemed familiar haha :p
  5. I've never bred pot and may WELL be wrong but I think they sorta pop and sorta projectile the pollen

    @vostok is WAY more experienced and will usually help out when asked which I guess we just did
  6. Cool... yah, I hope you are right about the projectile thing. I'd love to get a couple seeds off this plant... It's been awesome. Would love to hear from @vostok
  7. Many hemprodites are sterile (thank goodness) IMO.,if they had pollen you would already see changes in the plant...
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  8. if this is a Hermy plant

    than its obvious the seeds will be very unstable

    stability in your seeds and future grows is vital

    whereas vitality is highly desirous, at least for me

    male herms, males that turn female are often sterile

    a good clue as to the viability(not vitality) of your breeder

    IMO you are making feminized plants ..?

    simply spray Colloidal Silver or aspirin on your late vegging female

    2x times per day, search here on GC for the best ..!

    or simply leave to Rodelize at you convenience

    good luck
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  9. Taking seed from a plant that produces male parts from female parts will pass on hermaphrodite genetics. As @vostok stated this will produce unstable seed.
    If you want to make seed, it's best to grow a male plant and let them do their thing naturally. Preferably in an enclosed environment.
    Colloidal silver sprayed at bud sites changes flowers from female to male without passing any hermaphrodite genetics. This will produce seed stock that is almost 100% female plants.
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  10. I don't know if it's relevant but both my plants are clones of a known good mother plant. Only one showed bananas and only toward the end of flowering. [ A last ditch effort to propagate the species... you gotta love that. :) Who doesn't like propagating the species? ]
  11. Only one showed bananas and only toward the end of flowering. ..!

    That's Rodelization fer ya! lol
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  12. Thanks for the post. Since I'm new to this, "Rodelization" was an unknown word for me. After a web dive here's what I found:

    Here’s an easy, environmentally friendly method for breeding feminized seeds.
    by SOMA
    Wed, Jul 30, 2003

    I named this new method "Rodelization," after a friend who helped me realize and make use of this way of creating female seeds. After growing crop after crop of the same plants in the same conditions, I noticed that if I flowered the plants 10-14 days longer than usual, they would develop male "bananas." A male banana is a very slight male flower on a female marijuana plant that is formed because of stress. Usually they do not let out any pollen early enough to make seeds, but they sometimes do. They are a built-in safety factor so that in case of severe conditions, the plant can make sure the species is furthered.

    To me, a male banana is quite a beautiful thing. It has the potential of making all female seeds. Many growers out there have male-banana phobia. They see one and have heart palpitations, they want to cut down the entire crop, or at the very least take tweezers and pluck the little yellow emergency devices out. I call them "emergency devices" because they emerge at times of stress.

    In the Rodelization method, the male banana is very valuable. After growing your female plants 10-14 days longer than usual, hang them up to dry, then carefully take them off the drying lines and inspect for bananas. Each and every banana should be removed, and placed in a small bag labeled very accurately. These sealed bags can be placed in the fridge for one or two months and still remain potent.

    For the next phase, you need to have a separate crop that’s already 2 1/2 weeks into flowering. Take your sealed bags of pollen out of the fridge, and proceed to impregnate your new crop of females. To do this, you must first match the female plant and the pollen from the same strain in the previous crop. Shut all the fans in the growroom down. Then take a very fine paintbrush, dip it in the bag of pollen, and paint it on the female flower. Do this to each different strain you have growing together. I have done it with up to 10 different kinds in the same room with great success.

    I use the lower flowers to make seeds, leaving the top colas seedless for smoking. This method takes time (two crops), but is completely organic, and lets you have great-quality smoke at the same time you make your female seeds. If you’re one of those growers who’s never grown seeds for fear of not having something good to smoke, you will love this method.

    You can also use this pollen to make new female crosses by cross-pollinating. The older females with the male bananas can be brought into the room with the younger, unpollinated females after they are three weeks into flowering. Turn all of the circulation fans on high, and the little bits of pollen will proceed to make it around the room. Do this for several days. Six to seven weeks later, you will have ripe 100% feminized seeds; not nearly as many as a male plant would make, but enough to start over somewhere else with the same genetics.
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