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no place to grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 4Dream2Green0, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. howdy gc i have the biggest itch to start growing but i have no place to grow. i have been growing for 4 years and im back at my parents house for college.

    i am wondering what anyone else in my sisuation would do? i dnot only grow for the bud but i truly love watching the little girls grow into mature women. i have asked my parents and they are pro anti pot people so the answer is no pot in the house.

    on the other isde of things i have not bought pot in id say a couple years and the stuff i did smoke was some dirty mids said to be dank. i hate dealer cause the ones i did deal with were either super sketchy or never reliable.

    i love pot and i do use it as a med, it got me off mt anti-dep pills :hello: so now i have to find a dealer and go through all those motions and shitty weed for 2-3 years? ahhhh wtf would you do?

    wow thats a ramble lol i guess when you eat 4 medical mint choclate chip cookies things tend to happen.

    keep tolkin:smoking:
  2. im pretty much in the same situation as you man. Live with parents for college. shitty
  3. Yeah man, i'm in the same situation, living with parents going to a local university.......but my mom ok'd the grow as long as I get good grades and have a job this summer :cool: Works for me :smoking:;)
  4. well atleats you still get to grow, my aunt has a farm 20 mins from my place and i asked her if i could grow in the barn or outside and she was down with it except last year the cops came sniffing around due to the neighbours $750,000 indoor grow bust. so that shot that idea.

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