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No papers, What should I roll with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmilingDoobster, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Back of bible , I know it's fucked up but it was my ex gfs bible she gave to me before I broke up with her it was hella good!
  2. They suck.
    The only worse is Tops.
  3. Naw naw, marijuana leafs are hands down the best thing to roll with, just very difficult. Becomes an art after awhile :smoking:

  4. They are cheap and work fine. Jokers are good cheap ones too.
  5. bible paper if you have it its the thinnest. maybe phone book if thats not an option. but your best bet is to gather together $2 and buy papers at the store
  6. Bible paper just make sure you get the last pages with no ink on them.

    Toke up.
  7. you can use SAT book style paper as long as it doesnt have ink on it. it's hard to seal and may be a little harsh but i used to do it all the time
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]I used shoe box paper from a shoe box and made sure it didn't have any ink when I rolled it and lit up it hit like a champ it was perfect and was lit a'f 😂

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