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No papers, What should I roll with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmilingDoobster, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Shoe box paper , the paper they wrap your shoes in when you first get them.
    Gum rapper , Orbit little gum wrapper
    Phone book , heard its super harsh but burns even
    bandaid paper , may have ink on it
    straw paper , the paper they wrap your straw in at mcdonalds etc...
    dictionary paper, may be harsh also

    what should i roll a joint with ???
  2. your fuckin crazy..

    dude just use an apple or something.. smoking from a Reynolds wrap made pipe is better than shoebox paper..
  3. Bible paper!
  4. Bible paper is the best choice fat bitches and cold drinks
  5. I'll third bible paper. Those mini new testament only ones are the best.
  6. Roll with a dollar to the store and get papers? Improvised joints are usually garbage.
  7. I wouldn't use anything else but
    bible joints are legendary LOL
  8. bible paper for the win, i usualy just make a bowl out of tin foil, im the master at those
  9. Bible paper.
    Personally, i would just use a pop can, just poke a few holes there and here and you are good to go(;
    I wouldnt make a habit of it though.

    Or better yet go get yourself a bong or pipe:)
  10. If you're that desperate then use a can or go buy some papers.
  11. I've rolled a join with a taco bell wrapper before :laughing:
  12. bible paper works alright, gum wrappers are flimsy as fuck tho
  13. honey bees.
  14. Use the cellulose on pepperoni or sausage?? Never tried it yet..
  15. Cut a 1/2in round hole in a paper towel cardboard. Tape aluminum foil around the hole. Wrap the foil all the way around the tube, tape all the way around. Poke some little holes in the foil and voila. Cool little pipe.

    Can also opt for the shorter tube from a roll of toilet paper. :)

    LOL at sandpaper!!
  16. just smoke out of an apple or something. its not that hard..
  17. Dont use foil, find a ratchet and use that instead

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