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no papers, another alternative

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by robb827, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. can u use blank printer paper for joints. ha just a question cuz when i run outta papers soon i got nothing else but that
  2. mm, tasty.

  3. Uhmm... I wouldnt suggest it as I have tried it in my younger days and it is harsh and nasty... it was also bleached to get the entire paper the same color...

    I used newspaper once even tho there was ink on it the paper was not nearly as harsh as the blank computer paper.

    Hope this helped =)
  4. Dig in the couch for a buck and a half n get another pack of papers:rolleyes:
    Or make a bowl
  5. Blank pages from a bible. Or pages with words on them. What ever floats your boat.
  6. bible paper
  7. Go to ANY gas station/liquor store and they will have rolling papers. Less than a dollar. I wouldn't suggest using print paper as Omnimerc said print paper is bleached and has a LOT of chemicals in it. Probably not too healthy.
  8. I was gonna try that today but when I looked at my bible the pages in the back are more like cardboard than the rest of the book... and im not willing to tear my bible up for a j
  9. i didnt know it was bleached so fuck that now n i jus ran outta papers so i made a bong cuz i found a water bottle so its all good. thanks for letting me know though guys. peace!
  10. No. Don't use printer paper or looseleaf. Either go buy a $1.50 pack of Zig Zags (cus we all know you're 18 :p) or if worst comes to worst there are blank pages in the front and back of the bible, you can use those. My friends used to do that, I think it's dumb but it works.
  11. Scrounge around for some change and get a pack of zig zags. Or better yet, build up a good relationship with your local headshop and if they are like mine, they will be willing to give you free papers :D.
  12. yea im 18 i just dont have my car right now n i cant drive out to get papers at this moment lol. i will when i get it i just needed another thing to smoke out of in the meantime
  13. if you were to use bible paper Not all bibles are the same. you need to find a bible made from rice paper. That paper you can use. just use a strip of honey to seel it up

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