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  1. Dont really want to pay more money to setup if i dont have to. Have a closet with no outlet it but one right outside the door. This outlet has a tv plugged in and i wouldnt be able to reach it without an extension cord and i read that extension cords cant handle that much without overheating. Trying to run a 1000w hps plus a 400cfm inline fan and speed control? Any input will help, thanks in advance
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    i have the same problem. I have my setup: outlet> 3-prong adapter >timer > extension cord > 3-prong adapter > power strip >ballast >light + fan. i have yet to plug it all in because it looks sketchy as fuck, but im only gonna be running 400w.

    whats 12/3 mean?
  3. 12/3 That is the size and number of conductors in the extension cord. It will be heavy and expensive.:D
  4. Most of the ones that big were like 25 feet.. It's 5 feet max to my outlet, so that won't work. I guess ill try to make the 2-foot yellow one from above work.
  5. Don't wanna sound dumb nut drywall is easy to make a hole in perhaps there is an oit;et near the wall of the closet or perhaps one that could be easy turned around to face into the closet
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    my walls arent drywall my house is pretty old those bitches are thick! and if you cant tell already i dont know a god damn thing about electricity.

    this is the timer:

    the timer has 3 prongs, but my outlet only takes 2.
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    IMHO I'd rewire a separate breaker for your grow.

    VERY EASY^^^ Probably took me 15min to do all of this.

    Flip all power from breaker

    copper wire, white wire and black wire in the box has all the separate connects, The circuit breaker just pushes and clicks in, the wires are then ran from the CB out of the CB box and to your "new" outlet....

    Wire the outlets to the instructions on the outlets (white to silver screws, black to gold srews, and copper to the green screw.

    Flip the breakers back on

    and BLAM power! (I chose a 40AMP Breaker to add in for 2 lights and exras)

    (15amp per light and 10amp for the accessories)
  8. lol sorry man im not fucking with my circuit breakers or outlets im only running 400 watts.

    and Jolly, looking at the the product features, this one might not work either. my outlets are side-by-side, so i would have to turn it sideways.

    Product Features
    Digital timer-up to 20 different settings per day
    Programmable timer controls a motor load up to 3/4hp
    Indoor Appliance timer is rated at 15-Amps, 1875-Watt, great for heaters and fans
    CFL and LED compatible timer works with energy saving bulbs-with daylight savings features
    Fits perfectly on the bottom outlet, leaving the top wide open for other appliances
  9. You need at least a 12/3 extension cord. Heavy duty air conditioner extension cords work, but will only let you plug one thing into it. Walmart has 'em.

    Soxfantony - Unless you're willing to risk burning your house down for a couple of plants, you *need* to have a 3-prong outlet. That is the ground wire. It is necessary.

    To start, you want to look and see what type of Romex wire is used to wire that receptacle. Flip the breaker off, and pull out the outlet and take a look at the wire. Does it have 2 or 3 wires? If it only has 2, you need to re-wire the whole thing, or start looking into LED's or something.
  10. Lol do what you want, I'm recommending it. If you're scared that's one thing, but if you don't understand something like electricity learn it so you can work with it later.... I've had plenty of experience with electronics but never even dabbled in the circuit breaker ordeal but common since proceeds...

    Hope the best in your future grows, google how stuff works - electricity could learn a few!

  11. You did use at least #8 wire right?
  12. Go to Home Depot or Lowes etc. Purchase 10' of SJOOW CORD $10 and a male and female plug end $6.

    Black to brass white to silver and green to green.
  13. If you understand a few basic electrical concepts it will make your life easier.

    When you are trying to figure out how much electricity a certain type of conductor will use you are dealing with amperage (amps).

    The typical home outlet will be serviced by a 15 amp or 20 amp breaker. Determine what the amperage rating for the breaker that serves your outlet is.

    It is pretty easy to figure out how many amps each thing you plug in will draw. Sometimes the item will have an amperage rating. If they do not find the wattage of the device and use Ohm's Law.

    The part of Ohm's Law that we will use will use watts/voltage=amps, so a 400w hps running on a 120v circuit will draw about 4 amps (the ballast will add a little to the amperage). A 1000w light will draw a little over 9 amps.

    You never want to load a circuit beyond about 80% of it's capcity, so a 15 amp circuit should only see a 12 amp load. Running a 1000w light on this circuit will be difficult when you add more load.

    Cord gauges and amp ratings for copper wire at appx 60 degrees:

    14 ga - 15 amp
    12 ga - 20 amp
    10 ga - 30 amp
    8 ga - 40 amp

    The longer the run and the hotter the temp the larger conductor you want to use for safety. Typically a 12 ga extension will work, a 10 ga is better.

    AND- a 240v circuit can carry twice the amount of amperage because doubling the voltage cuts the amperage in half. Example:

    400w/120v = 3.33 a

    400w/240v = 1.66 a

    This is why you see growers running a circuit from their dryer or stove plugs.
  14. 500 MCM if youre gonna upgrade, lmao!

  15. YUP! Electricity god have blessed my garden :-D

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