no one told me plants stink like hell during veg

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  1. is this a sign of things to come? If my room smellin like dank weed and i aint even started flowering yet, good gosh a molly....... i kinda wrote off odor control but man, i cant wait til I have enough for a tent. then Imma have to drop a buck on a fan/carbon filter >:/ and probably some air fresheners on top of that!

    I know there are links in the sticky for odor control but really, what home remedy did you come up with? I know everyone doesn't follow everything by the book, i know i don't :wave:
  2. um
    the smell of dank must be coming from the weed you are smokin cause your room cant smell like buds that aint even there.
  3. Nope.. wish I could post a scratch and sniff for ya.. At first I didn't believe it, I thought I was trippin. But every time I step in my room, the smell overtakes me (and i love it lol)

    The other night one of my homegirls came upstairs to the room (very fckin unexpected, my roommate failed me), and was like "DAMN it smells like weed". Mind you I haven't smoked weed in my room in ages. I know its hard to believe but the plant(s) itself smells
  4. Hi..

    Some strains are a lot stinker than others. I grew some Sour D that was very smelly even in the veg stage, then it got really bad. I use carbon filters and can fans to cool the lights and keep the odor down.

    Good Luck!
  5. look up ONA gel or you can use ozium if you feel the need to control the smell
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  6. How far along are your plants? What strain are you growing?
  7. @grnganja ill do that

    @gnasty Resin Seeds Bubblicious, Reserva Privada Kandy Kush, and DNA Lemon Skunk. They all are 4 weeks in but small for their age I believe. around 6 inches tall. Finally was able to get Grow Big today and fed em. Gonna veg for 2 more weeks since i wont have my tent til then
  8. maybe ive been deprived but ive never seen a 6 inch plant smell like bud . my plant is about 7-8 inch tall. royal queens amnesia haze and my closet smells like hot wet dirt lol
  9. About 3 weeks to a month into veg, my room gets super musky from the plants in veg.

    To me it's a different odor than when flowering, more musky. Especially males, they have a weird smell, I can actually smell a male before I see the balls :)

    That sounded weird! Hahahaha
  10. Wrong, its all genetic. Some plants can smell super skunky during veg.
  11. ^ Agreed, leaf contains THC(very small). So I believe that leaf also produces oil, including terpenoids, which of course is the source of the aroma.
  12. I have had my room smell more during veg than when flowering.

    Vegging plants have a very permeating smell!

  13. :cry:!!! LMFAO !!! :hide: and ONA GEL is that way to go :p
  14. Lmao at smelling a male... That's crazy though, stinking that bad during veg. Mine had a "fresh" plant smell but nothing pungent. Good luck with flowering bud.
  15. This statement could not be more wrong. Lol. Yes, plants can smell bigtime during veg, both of my grows have proven it.

    To the OP, if the odor is as strong as you say, nothing but a carbon filter and strong enough fan will work. The other products will fool you into thinking the smell is gone, and you will also become accustomed to the smell and not smell it anymore, but those coming into your house will.

    In my summer grow, I thought I had taken care of the odor, because I could no longer smell it. Then friends started coming over and when I would answer the door they would ask me if I was just smoking outside because it smelled like weed out there.

    if you can afford it, get a carbon filter and a fan strong enough for your grow area. You will be SO glad you did. I am growing strains this time around much stronger in odor than my summer grow, but this time i have a carbon filter. No one has mentioned the smell of weed yet, and I am almost 5 weeks into flowering.

    Good Luck. Peace. :smoke:
  16. Do up a carbon filter, you're going to need it for this grow in any event.

    Vegging plants absolutely can stink. I've related here on GC how I went on vacation a few years ago and brought my 4 then-vegging plants inside my house (from my garage grow box) because it was December and temps can fluctuate a lot in my garage, when I came home from vacation I opened the front door and got hit by the odor like a punch in the face -- the entire house reeked top to bottom from 4 vegging plants.

  17. yeaaaa thats what i think im gettin. Odd weed smell

    Really can't get the carbon filter set up until I get my tent at the end of the month. I pray it doesn't get BAD over the next couple of weeks... Right now I don't think the smells getting past my room.
  18. Get some of those odor fighting cfl's i've heard decent things in smaller applications. Hell put a few in your room to replace normal lights.
  19. i'm growing a white widow and super lemon haze...they've been vegging for about a month and they STINK up the room nicely. I notice it's the strongest about a day after a nice watering. Just put them into flower today :)
  20. You will def want to plan on doing odor control regardless. If your plants don't stink then your not doing it right. :)

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