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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by YoungToker, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. #1 YoungToker, Nov 18, 2014
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    I posted a thread earlier

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  2. Your scale is broken.
  3. Lol no it's not man. Tested a nickel out on it.

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  4. Cooool fucking story!!!

    I think it's 16 grams. 16.5 to be precise
  5. If you know it's 9g, why do you care what the internet thinks?
  6. He's young. 
  7. Nope, not 9 grams. Nobody believes it. You're living in a fantasy world and everyone here just wants you to wake,up.
  8. The nug is 9g but I can guaranteed half that is water weight
  9. Its upside down, it's actually 6.
  10. Baby weight. :D
  11. I once worked in a convenience store and I accidently short changed Chad Robert Kroeger in the amount of five cents. He flipped out and refused to leave the store unless he got his nickel back.
  12. I broke into your house and busted a load on it before you created this thread. .. now it weighs 9gs
  13. Your cum only weights less than 9 g's? Real men cum buckets. heheh cum bucket, chum bucket
  14. YOUNG TOKER: Hey Old school smoker, you wanna smoke some weed?
    OSS: Yeah, but i'm out of weed!
    YT: Thats ok, I got this huge 9 gram nug here..
    OSS: Fuck yeah! Let's smoke that shit up bro!
    YT: Nope! You have to believe that it is 9 grams.
    OSS: I believe I believe! Where's the bong?
    YT: Are you sure you believe?
    OSS: Yes yes! Who gives a fuck about the weight...lets fire that fire up!!!
  15. a nice big dense bud no problem lol i got a half oz once that was so compressed it looked like 7 if you didn't have it in your hand to hold youd never notice =o 
  16. nothing more appetizing then crushed, compressed, bricked weed. mmmm mmm mmm mids 
  17. its a real pain in the ass to work with haha but I know the farmer man so nothing I have is considered a mid :p although to me everything is either good or bad.... so I just go with good :) that was just a one time thing though so thankfully I never had to put up wiff it again

  18. You think thats difficult to prove? :blink:


    try convincing someone this^ is 2 pounds! :p

  19. HOLY SHIT. That isn't a nug, that's a fucking monster, dude!!!!!!!

    Where'd you get that? Haha I want a bunch of those!!!!!!

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