No one/thing is perfect; God?

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  1. Well, when I think of this question, I think about those who question gods existance because of all the tragedy that still lingers in our world.

    The way I think of it; If you're just walking down the side walk, you're probably going to step on a few ants. Even if you're odd like me and sometimes purposefully try to avoid little creatures, you can't do it all the time. You probably roll over on living things while you're asleep.

    So in a metaphoric way; God too could roll over in his sleep.

    I.E. Nothing/no one is perfect?

    Edit; I s'pose one could look at the whole grand scheme of things, including the possibility of nothing being perfect, could be perfection in itself...
  2. I avoid tiny creatures when I walk too. :p
  3. Thats an interesting way to look at it. I suppose the world could be perfectly imperfect, Ive never thought of that before. The "god can not be real because bad things happen" argument is really tired. Every major religion has an explanation for it in their scripture/philosophy. You will find that a lot of people arguing against god have never practiced religion or read any of the major holy books. Thats why this argument is still in use.

    For example, the Christian teaching is that god gave people free will to do good or bad things because he is allowing us to decide if we want to be good or bad people. He is giving you the ability to decide whether or not you want to go to heaven or hell, the ability to be a follower of god or satan. If you were not given the choice then this world would be a pointless song and dance.

    I have no idea whether or not god is real but I assume that without freedom of choice we are useless.

    I do not think there is any way to know what is going on with god considering that god would have to be supernatural. Maybe it doesn't even know we exist. Maybe it just farted us out one day and our world is infinitely insignificant to it.
  4. If god was "imperfect" it wouldnt be much of a god, now would it? all "godded out" for a while.
  5. I disagree.

    If there were perfection, even perfection in and of god, existance would be a moot point. Even perfection on the smallest level could possibly render existance as such.

    For the record, I don't/nor am I looking at god as a supernatural figure/entity, more as whatever our reason might be for being conscious to the level that we could complete god. Possibly god is whatever lies at the end of infinity.

  6. the end of infinity?
  7. Indeed. I'll elaborate in awhile if you wish, currently trying to pack a pack of cigs :D

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  8. Holy shit, I had no idea.......better make this next one memorable huh?:smoke:
  9. I like you take on this Floydian, however on discussing the 'end of infinity'... You'd have better luck taking us to the nowhere in somewhere ;)
  10. As far as any of us can tell, god and all aspects of god are unreachable... as is the end of infinity.

    We can comprehend god through theories and emotions, but never could quite reach a concrete answer, or come to an end of the issue.

    Much like we can comprehend infinity, being that we know by definition it goes on for ever... yet you could obviously never reach the end of it. It's untouchable in a way.

    Did any of that suffice/make sense?

  11. lol, most certainly. There is no end to infinity; if something has an end, it is finite. :D

  12. The end of infinity is unreachable because it doesnt exist....

    Maybe thats the reason we are unable to reach god as well?

    Edit: FUCK already forgot it was my 420th....ah well, happy 420 to me!
  13. It's a loop hole, but I believe there is an end to infinity.

    It's just my opinion, but I'd think that whenever there is nothing left with the ability or desire to contemplate infinity, then it will come to at the very least, a metaphoric end.

    It's not so much that infinity has to end, it might just wind up back where it started.

    As long as we can think of a metaphoric end to infinity, then therefore, there is an end to it at least in ones imagination. So while it may not even exist... like god... there's still a notion, which is important in itself. You could even go so far as to say the end of infinity is just knowing that there isn't an end. Kinda silly, but mweh...

    And if god was sitting right beside us holding a roadmap to the end of infinity... well, existance would be pretty boring then.

    Moot even.

    Edit; Happy 420th JesusC! Here's to a thousand ;)

    Edit2; God we totally shifted from one concept to another, perfection to infinity lol... 'spose it's my own fault though.
  14. Now JesusC we don't have to jump straight there LOL but in a sense you are touching on something very important in understanding a higher power.

    It would have to be finite to exist and be measureable and observable. Therefore all power goes right out the window the second it is observable.

    The Infinite would only be tangeable to The Infinite, or another on His level, which couldn't exist. What goes on forever and is all things remains that way and cannot be added to or divided. Sounds a lot like energy doesn't it?

    In a way this is the only way the energy can perceive itself because it is infinite and all-powerful: by limiting itself to finite proportions I.E. the universe and all life contained within. Still it's expanding at the speed of light so in a sense it's just an illusion of boundaries, temporary boundaries if you will. It retains it's infinite nature and balance of energy at all times.

  15. Hey man I completely agree, in fact, this place (the Universe) seems much more interesting without the idea of god, rather than with it.

    Only when we move past the idea of god (the supernatural creator) do we begin to explore the vast possibilities of our own existence. Thats why this place is so valuable, so precious, and so meaningful.....its nothing that can be "figured out". Does anyone actually believe that humans will unlock the ultimate secrets of the Universe? (ie where it came from, how it happend, why it happend)

    I dont think so....

    Edit: Just to clear this up, anytime I speak of "god" I am referring to the supernatural being depitcted in religious texts. If you believe energy is god, im all for that....I just dont prefer to call it "god".
  16. That's pretty nifty in regards to if god exists or in what state it exists...

    But for the love of God, is God perfect? Lol
  17. Yeah, we can go all new-age, and become gods ourselves, and in our own right.

    We spend far too much time looking backwards and up, instead of straight forward.
  18. Depends on how you look at it Floydian, total subjective reasoning. It's not a fact He even exists so perfection could be in drama it could be in being able to make a mistake after billions of years of perfection who knows? I agree that God is so huge and we are so small that we may not be important enough to Him to care about anymore. I think there are many sides to God, one side doesn't make mistakes another only does. So to say the problems in the world are because of God being imperfect it's to say that this isn't a God at all. More like an advanced lifeform not worthy of worship, more to be feared.
  19. I don't believe anyone is worthy of worship other than James Marshall Hendrix.

    I dig what you're sayin mate, but whatever god is, isn't something I'm going to fear, that's for fuckin' sure, and I'd recommend the same of others.
  20. I feel there is a side of God that should be feared and a side of God that is to be loved and worshiped. I'm not saying God should be feared I'm saying He should be feared if He is imperfect. (at least His clumsyness should be feared LOL ) :D

    Perfection can only exist with imperfection to allow it to be measured anyways, so if God is perfect He's only perfect because of us being imperfect. It's perfection in relative terms to the imperfection, so if God is all-powerful and all-knowing than yes absolutely He is perfect. He can even become imperfect if He wants, anything is within His grasp.

    This is where I have trouble understanding reality though. Why at the pinnacle of power and knowledge does God not just sit back and relax for all eternity? Why if He's perfect does He have a desire for change? Is it because He's aware of eternity and the fact nobody else on His level exists? It just doesn't make much sense but somehow that's the answer I keep going back to. While He had all experience and power, it was a lot like having sex a year ago. Sure it was great and sure you really had it... But it's not like you are having it now. So God had to re-experience reality so that it wasn't a distant memory, that's as far as I've got with my subjective reasoning process about the nature of the Creator. I should write this in the other thread... But I'll get to that one soon enough :)

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