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No one really touched on this today so I'll say it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iSPARK, May 12, 2011.

  1. #1 iSPARK, May 12, 2011
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    Bob Marley died today. Spark the fuck up.
  2. Don't need to tell me twice.
  3. people have touched on it, and NO its NOT HIS BIRTHDAY, its quite the opposite in fact, his bday was in feb, my friends and i celebrated that lol, today, we mourn
  4. I like him as a musician but he's not a God to me . Are you paying tribute to him or something?
  5. Feb 6 birthday
    May 11 death
  6. eh i was under the impression today was the day he DIED no his birthday lol
  7. AHHH my bad
    I knew it was his death date but I said birthday by mistake.
    Not every day we celebrate a death.
    *cough cough Osama Bin Laden*
  8. I dont even listen to bob marley let alone know anything about him i feel like a bad stoner
  9. he died today? I thought he died like 20 years ago?

  10. Already did, earlier, loaded the last of my stash and hit it like I was smokin' with Chong.
  11. Hahahaha,

    My dad is the definition of a right wing nut job, and when I talked to him about Bin Laden the first thing he complained about was that "they didn't put his head on a pike for the world to see"

    Its amazing how this country is very much addicted to death and destruction. Shit, if we pulled all our troops out from Afghanistan now, it would only take another decade before we would be involved in a different war.
  12. If it was his birthday, I would break my T-break. But his death? Nah thats some pshyco shiz

  13. *week

  14. Depends how fast we can find one and how good of an excuse we can use to justify our actions.
  15. Good enough reason for me, I just did some quality testing on the cannapeanut butter I've been working on. I believe target potency has been achieved.
  16. Who,s bob marly?
  17. #18 OGkushak, May 12, 2011
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    Random but every time I see your avatar I picture it as what you look like and it always makes things way more funny. Lol

    Edit: spelling :/

  18. I second this.

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