No one on any thread seems to want to help this indoor newbie.can someone,anyone get back to me?

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  1. Second attempt at growing indoors.lost my first crop due to bugs from bringing clones in off my outdoor plants which was a blessing in disguise as I had crop king white widow and cali OG kush x haze but now I was gifted phenotyped gorilla glue #4 and tutencommon from paradise seeds also phenotyped. I can't figure out how to post pics on here is my first problem. ..anyone please help me ?
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    You only asked a question in introductions.
    Often even in the grow sections you need to be patient.

    One of the easiest ways to post pictures is to add it to your Media first then link it.
    Or put it in the root of your device and use upload file.

    Welcome to the City.

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  3. Thank you for the reply...I dont even use Facebook or anything like that so posting pics confused me..mabee u can help...I'm growing 3 or 4 plants in a 2x5x7 closet..I wrapped it in diamond reflective material.i have a stealth 189 cfm exhaust fan with a charcole filter I'm using 250w hps and a 315 w cmh with 4200 Phillips for veg and 3000 for bloom im taking out the 250 hps and swapping it out for a 250 mh and using the 250 hps for bloom.growing in 5 gal and 7 gal fabric pots with air domes in the air pump,pumps 9 litres a minute and has 4 outlets for my 4 medium is a 60/40 mix of pro mix micro and coco coir and I added perlite soil activator and 1 more litre of micro even though the soil has some in it..I have 3 fans circulating the air I piped in a 5inch air conditioning line as temps in summer could reach 95 I'm sure if i had no ventilation or a/c..I cut a hole in the bottom of the door and installed a micro fiber screen to allow air in when the ex fan comes on as negative air pressure will suck the air in through the temps now during my veg cycle are 77-81 and my rh is a steady 43_52%.o rigged my ex fan and ac up to a thermostat so it kicks on at 80 its everything I can do to keep it between 77_81 I can't get it at a steady 78 or 79 it fluctuates a little ...I hooked the exhaust fan up to a voltage regulator so it's not pushing out too much air and I'm running a co2 bag the exhale homegrown co2 bag that puts out up to 1500 ppm for up to 6 I want some of that co2 to stay in the room .my ex fan dont run during dark cycle so they get some co2 i would think...I'm using green planet nutrients..I have a ph and ppm reader my ph is 6.1 to 6.2 usually and my ppm now during 2nd week of veg is approx 550_600 week one was 300ppm and I got a little leaf tip burn..not much at all but some.ill be doing a scrog and low stress training as I only have 10 sq feet ...I'll take any advise at all as it's my first indoor grow after 7 years this is my 8th of outdoor growing so I have a little knowledge and read a questions are these, I have too much light and if not how far should my canopy be from the light? 2 where I'm on week 2 if veg from clones not seed should I not use the air domes yet where I have a small root base or can I turn the air pump on low?3 should I grow 3 or 4 plants in that 2x5 space? 1 will be tutencommon aka king tut and the other 2 or 3 will be gorilla glue #4..question 4..what's your thoughts on the co2 bag? Does it increase yield but decrease potency or vice versa? (The other way around )? Do I need a tonne of light to run co2? If so do I have enough light with a 315 cmh and a 250 mh veg 250 hps bloom? Thanks anyone who can help and any advise at all I'll gladly i said it's my first indoor grow after loosing my forst crop due to taking clones off outdoor plants and bringing in eggs that hatched and gave me bugs.blessing in disguise as they were crop king Gene's and now I was gifted phenotyped gorill glue#4 and phenotyped tutencommon aka king tut...thanks again everyone especially ec green
  4. #1. I wouldn't say that's too much light, no. With HID lighting I go at least 2.5" away and check with the back of my hand, by pointing it at the light. If it's uncomfortably warm on my hand, so will it be to the plant. A therm gun can be useful to test leaf temps if you have one.

    #2. Not sure

    #3. 4 should fit in there I would think. It all depends how big you want to grow them. I can fit 12 x 5 gallons, stagger rowed tightly side by side, in my 2.5"X5" (12.5 sq ft) tent, if I keep them short and don't LST them. I imagine 4 should fit if you don't grow them too large and scrog them.

    #4. I would advise you don't even waste your time with CO2 bags. Unless you can seal up that room, get the temps up to 30-35°C and humidity around 65-75%, and hold it there, either with a swamp cooler or AC (which dries air), you're wasting time for a gain that requires you to be on point with everything from pH to nute balance to light. And there's even debate about whether to run it past 3 weeks into flower anyways.

    CO2 bags are very inconsistent. They can almost never get to 1500ppm unless you have 2 or 3 going and still then. On a sidenote, if you do have them in there and they aren't turning chunky white, they aren't doing anything. Wrap the lower part of the bag in a black garbage bag leaving the breather hole exposed. Your fungi will start to grow way faster shielded from the light. Mine looked like chunky yogurt bars after a short while. At the end they looked like giant white stones.

    If you are as new to indoor as you say, I think you are creating more of a headache than it's worth. Run those bags out then save yourself some money. And when you get all your other stuff dialed in, get yourself a real CO2 system, with a compressed tank and meter, or maybe a burner.
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  5. For posting pics I just use the "Upload a File" button below "Post Reply"

    It should open your file explorer or gallery app on your device and then just select the pic you want.

    You'll see it uploading below the "More Options" button.

    Take your cursor, put it where you want to insert the picture and either select the "Thumbnail" or "Full Image" option.

    Or you can just leave them as is once uploaded and we can look at them at the bottom of your post.
  6. I agree with PhenoMorph, those co2 bags are a waste of time, especially when using an exhaust fan, and plants don't use co2 when the lights are off. There is plenty of co2 in the air already if you have a decent exhaust fan

    No that's definitely not too much light.

    Lower the light until the temperature right on top of the plants gets to 28°c. This is as close as you can get it without the plants getting too hot

    I have no idea what air domes are sorry. Are you growing in soil?

    You can grow pretty much however many you want. The smaller the plants, the more plants you can have. I have 10 square foot tents and 4 is a nice fit

    I'm not familiar with cmh, but I'm no fan of MH, I find HPS grows plants better, even in veg. MH is extremely inefficient as converting electricity in to light. They give off a tonne of heat too.

    Have you already bought those lights? If not there are some good modern LEDs available now that are miles better than HID. But if you already have them they'll do just fine I'm sure
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  7. Awesome man...thanks a tonne and yes I'm new to indoor growing but have my outdoor dialed in so figured why keep it simple I have some experience...if this all fails I will go with just soil in fabric pots no co2 well I'll prob never run co2 again anyway from what most people are saying and no air pots and a 3 part general hydroponics cal msg and big bud so 5 bottles not the 10 I'm using now...thanks again I really appreciate this.
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  8. I have my hid already and my buddy had a Mars hydro led and it caught on fire and I'm in a apartment building so no thanks...also my 2 hydroponics dealers wont carry them as in there opinions there shit so being a newbie I took therr advise...soo much to learn and I'm growing in 60-40 mix of soil and coco and perlite the air domes are in the bottom of the pots covered in hec pellets then soil..they give the roots warm air daily with the air pump on....thank you kindly doe your reply and I'd love to learn more about the LEDs but they do scare me after hearing about them catching fire plus my buddies caught fire...thanks again
  9. I'll be tossing the co2 bag out yup
  10. Agreed. CarDi is only really beneficial to your grow room if you have every other limiting factor maxed out.....most importantly, light....and even then, with air movement, there is plenty there for them.....just my .02
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  11. You have to add the photos to your MEDIA create an album ect. there is a link at the top of the webpage
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  13. What's a good brand led and what's a good size for a 2x4 tent? I'd rather run a led if safe as the heat is less to deal with I'll assume? Money is no objective i get a good disability hence my last year able to grow outdoors as my health now cant take it so indoors we go.
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    There are a number of options but I have recently done a review on this light.... Click here...Mars SP-250 LED Review
    And I've been super impressed to say the least. It's only about £250 to buy, it only uses 250 watts and the two grows have currently done I got 14.2 oz & 14.6 oz. The tent is 2.5' x 4' so a tiny bit bigger than yours but I don't think that matters much

    The lights you already have will work mind, they'll probably give you a similar yeild too, but just use twice as much electricity
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    If money is not a problem, spend the extra bit and get a good 300W or so quantum board setup. These are the panels I use, they each handle up to 300W :


    One of those panels would smoke a 2x4 tent, great coverage, 800 Samsung diodes. You can probably find something for a decent price. I got those on Alibaba, from China. I can find you a decent set from a supplier that I use and trust if you want (Alibaba is a minefield, you have to know where to step). Can save money this way, or ...

    If you prefer domestic purchases (for warranty, no customs, comfort of purchasing American) something like this:

    QB288 V2 Rspec & Slate 2 Triple

    That would really light up your 2x4 tent. You would need a driver for it though, probably $100'ish maybe a bit more.

    EDIT : recommended driver for that board, 320W
    HLG-320H-C1750A Stock and Price by Distributor
    Might need to buy a power plug end for it but you can get those at any hardware store for cheap.

    They are effectively the same lights, the ones I use and the ones I linked you at HLG. Same top notch diodes.

    A better quality LED than the less expensive "blurple" lighting. Daylight spectrum.
    I've grown for a long time. I've used most every type of light out there, these quantum boards are the best lights I have ever used in pretty much every category from heat control to spectrum to power usage.
    I don't want to push you that way, but if you want the best and don't mind paying for it, that's the ticket.
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  16. Run them until they are no use I guess, but yeah, not worth buying them anymore. Save yourself some coin there.
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  17. That's quite a different looking Mars than I've seen before....interesting
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  18. Wow amazing help you are.rhank you very much for your time,I think next grow I will buy one and try it out...I worry about fire as does the woman so I'll have to re assure her they wont randomly catch on fire and that was 2 years ago he had the fire so I'm sure things have changed since main worry was and is there enough light if I buy enough to light up my 2x4 .will my buds be nice and big and tight or popcorn buds due to spectrum and what not? Could I pull 8 oz off 4 plants if scrog till 3/4 of the screen is filled before flipping and the stretch to give me a full canopy and fairly large buds as I won't flip lights till scrog is almost full so they stretch whatever that strain stretches or what's the best way to scrog as far as when to flip the lights? And is the led gonna give me good dense buds if growing a tight nugget strain?
  19. so your against them? Reasons being? I'm up for trying anything new but if I understood this right you cant get replacement lights for them so when they burn out what? Target practice for the sks?
  20. I am confident in the fire safety of these things. They are safe.
    I had a major Phosphorous deficiency last round and I got some decent sized, super dense nugs. My LSD strain is like Lego pieces on the floor I found out stepping on a bud of it lol!

    First pic. This is what's in my flowering tent right now.


    Some from my last round:

    This pile is from the plant above

    If you have the basics of growing which it sounds like you do, you would do well with these I think.
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