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No one is home!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. YAY...FREEDOM! Well, until Thursday anyway.

    My sister left for Italy yesterday, and my mom got on her plane for FL brother and I have the house to ourselves until THURSDAY!! Yippie!!

    And I was sneaky mom said she wouldn't let me use the car while she was gone, but this morning when she was in the shower getting ready I took the spare set of keys so now I have the house, and a car!

    Too bad the car has hardly any gas in it...but who cares?! I can get money..hey, I have birthday money!!

    I'm super happy right now...I love having the house to myself (well, my brother is here too, but he's cool...kinda)
  2. Can I come over?
  3. thats cool. I hope your parents didnt check the speedometer on the car. mine used to do dont blame them. I love having the house to myself. I usually do after 4 everyday..right now im kind of pissed off because my moms friend stayed the night and Im not sure if she has to come back to go to work later, I think so..but I just wanna get naked and walk around. *sigh*

  4. You have to bring me some birthday weed :D
  5. when i lived with my mom i was always excited when she would leave town, even tho i was always free cuz my mom let me do anything. it was still a cool feeling just having a whole house to yourself.
  6. That was my first thought. Your parents might maybe have checked the odometer on their car. I wouldn't drive it if I were you.
  7. Yes, I'd recommend disconnecting the speedometer/odometer cable before taking the car anywhere. That beats the crap out of driving everywhere in reverse so the odometer won't move. Unfortuntely, unless you have a VW Microbus, I won't be able to tell you how to do that exactly. Oh well.

    Have fun... I love having the house to myself... I'm envious!
  8. "it's a trip, it's got a funky beat, and I can bug out to it"

    ^^^completely irrelevant

    happy birthday and have fun Hempress :):):)
  9. my friend that i met in florida had the coolest mom n dad, would let them drink anything they wanted and let them do like light drugs, like pot nstuff, but not anything bad...ahhhh i want to go back there, best time i ever had!!
  10. heyyyyyy, i see its your birthday this Sunday too! WOO HOO! Having birthdays on the same as other people is cool!

    anway, i think we should have a bash at your house, and ill bring the weed!!!

  11. Nah, my mom's not that clever....nor does she have that great of a memory.

    Plus, the worst thing she'll do when she gets home if she finds out is yell at me for 5 minutes...and that's it :D

    No, you didn't miss it, it's on Sunday!

    You better come over!
  12. It's been a while since i moved out of my parents house, but i totally get your satisfaction for beeing left alone for a little while. When you're a teenager, nothing is more irritating than parents meddling in your life constantly.

    So now i guess it's time for some hard-core slouching and getting high without fear of getting cought, hmm :D

    Have fun!

    Oh and soon-to-be happy birthday Hempress!

  13. I just moved into my own place with my best friend, so I'm feeling what you're feeling 24/7. Living alone (especially with your best bro) is better than you could ever imagine. And our landlord is a badass motherfucker and doesn't care that we blaze up in the place. It sucks to pay the bills (less money for the sweet ganja) but hell, I don't care. Freedom is worth the price of electric and gas. :)

    Peace and love, gal-pal.
  14. I once payed my landlord with weed. This is one of the cheif reasons that im gonna start growing.
  15. My mom's flight got delayed, so she's not coming home until today..but my week of freedom is over :(

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