No one can identify this sickness.

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    I have asked quite a few people and no one seems to be able to give me a straight answer.
    Here is some info.
    My two girls just started flowering, she has been doing this for most of veg. Overall the plants look really healthy. But her older (usually sugar leaves) leaves seem to be doing this a lot.
    It's not on any of the new Grow.
    Outdoor grow
    She is on a drip system to provide water everyday but the drip is only giving her about 2.5 gallons a day and I am giving her an addition 4-5 gallons of water by hand and as of recentally have been balancing the water down to 6.1ish ph.
    The water normally out of the drip seems to range anywhere from 6.6-7ph.
    She gets cal mag, and normal doses of nutrients.
    They are in 65 gallon smart pots.
    Temperatures have been high 90-105 up here in NorCal.
    My initial though were maybe a p-k deficiency but she has been getting plenty of that with the bloom nutes.
    The feeder roots I have seen spear to be bright white. I don't notice a lot of bug activity and have been spraying some neem oil and green cleaner to prevent any infestations, but only do so after the soon is down.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Again this is only on some older lower leaves, new top growth is fine, but I haven't seen to shake these this entire Grow, I usually take these off and then others will end up popping up.

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  3. Looks like your burning them what are you feeding per gallon and how often

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  4. I'm typically giving below recommended doses and all organic stuff. Right now I am in transition from bloom to veg, and I haven't noticed any new leaves like this. But I was giving them earth juice sea blast grow 17-8-17 every feeding (was only feeding once a week during Grow), and then along with cal Mag and plus C once a week again all with the recommended dose per gallon.

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  5. Also doesn't bite burn just affect the tips, not in random spots like you can see in some of those photos?

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  6. Potassium. But if it's just a few older leaves don't even sweat it.
  7. That's what I have been thinking? I just read I should try grinding up banana peels and coffee grounds? Mix it with water and pour it in there?

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  8. Potassium/nitrogen not to much of a problem. When you kick into flower your potassium ratio in ur nutes should be higher which would fix.

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  9. It will take time to break down and become available. If it's just an occasional lower leaf I think you're worrying about nothing. If you stress about every single discolored leaf your growing career is going to be very stressful. Plants will use up leaves that aren't getting enough light to be beneficial. As the plant gets deeper into flower leaves will begin to Autumn off.

    As long as it's just a small amount of the lower old growth dont sweat it man.
  10. Awesome thanks guys.
    Yeah it's only leaves under the canopy, but being that it my first year growing definitely trying to catch any problems before they become serious problems.
    Thanks for the input!

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