no nutrents?

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    a fellow grower today just told me he doesn't use nutrients at all just well water. any experience with growing in a hydroponic dwc system with no nutrients anyone? because i have seen his plants and i can attest that they look very good.
  2. Im confused what u r asking.?...

    Are you asking if we have experience with nutes?
    Or if we have experience growing without nutes?
  3. i changed it to reflect what i really meant
  4. Are you sure hes not using nutes??

    I grow hydro, i always use nutes. The nutes i got originally werent organic so i switched to all organic nutes. My bud came out superr dank. But idk i cant imagine not using nutes... Like why would you even do that.. It makes the plant healthier/danker.
  5. It's not unheard of in soil. But I have yet to see a DWC with no nutes. I mean I run into problems and deficiencies using nutes. Just doesn't make much sense, well water may contain micro nutes and minerals but the macro nutes are not there. Ill believe it when I see it.

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