No Need For Religion

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  1. There's no need for the religion,all the bible is a Betty-by-story that just tells you to listen to your conscious.We are born with one,so listen to it.
  2. Technically, there is no need for anything, but because these things make people's lives groovier and more bearable, these things exist and are utilized.

    To each his own, what people see in something may be different than what you see in it but each view should be respected equally. Non-religious folk are just as great as religious folk, once again, to each his own.

    The way to patch the differences? Unity, acceptance, and understanding. This love will clear the path for you. This love will set you home for the heavens. This love is in your heart. :love:
  3. when over 75% of the world belongs to some kind of religion it seems wrong to say that there is no use to it

    it provides comfort to people

    people could worship rocks for all I cared as long as it made them feel better about the world they live in
  4. Amen brotha
  5. I just don't see the need to live in a false reality,i don't see how it helps us as a specie to more forward,why don't we try to answer our questions that "religion" answers with something more tangible more...logical? :confused:
  6. It is slowly fading out...

    But I wouldn't discourage something simply because it doesn't help us as a species to "move forward".

    First off, you need to define the word forward. What is progress? Who decides what changes are forward and what changes aren't? Unintelligent, lazy, and physically unfit people having children doesn't help us move forward, but I don't see you declaring shenanigans on sex.

    Let people be happy, and if it really is all that bad of a life choice it will come back to bite them in the ass.

    In general, I don't believe religion itself is wrong. People have been killed in the name of spreading democracy just as they have been killed in the name of God. Evil is evil, the excuse used to perform it doesn't matter.

  7. hmmm... the problem with that is all of that can be changed. Unintelligent people can be educated ,lazy people can be active and physically unfit people can easily be fit with exercise. And there excuse does matter,it matter in how to avoid them from using that excuse again.If u take away their excuse ,their left with the real reason.
  8. so it's all ok if it provides comfort???

    drugs provide comfort ,but they cause more problems them they solve.

    Addiction can consume and distort your mind.Religion seem to be an addiction.

  9. Technically.... there is a need for everything.;)
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    That is very true indeed! :)
  11. Great answer....and that's exactly why it exists.
  12. I agree with Weednotcrack, there really is no need for religion. It all started with the Catholic church and the government at the time wanting to was to control the minds of the masses. Religion just banks on people's emotions and puts fears in their minds. If God really exist would he really want people to suffer in this world? If God really exist would he want to see his children of all the nations be divided among each other and fight over how we worship him instead of having a universal sense of spirituality?? If God is such a loving God why would he want his beloved creations to be tormented for all of eternity in hell? Yet at the same time he preaches that we should forgive our fellow man for their sins. :confused: Religion is seen as the ultimate truth, and if 75% of people believe this is so, what would be the need for them to search for the truth? Therefore, religion is short changing this world's ability to find a logical more scientific evidence of why we are here and the questions that follow.
  13. [boldface mine]
    "The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one." - George Bernard Shaw
  14. Bravo... Bravo. I agree 100%
  15. I disagree with your first sentiment, but I agree, for the most part, with the second. The Bible shouldn't be a reflection of all Religion; the nuances of religion are vast. Many Religious customs go beyond morality or don't even feature morality as a static object.

    The Bible being bullshit, I can agree with. I think you could write a better set of morals just through copying down the transcripts to the end of Disney movies verbatim. The Bible doesn't even plea to your conscience, instead, it gives you a set of things not to do. Rather than make a plea to it, the bible completely disregards your ability to make moral decisions, rather, it tells you what not to do outright.

    Your last statement is untrue though, many people are born without functional consciences or moral compasses like severe sociopaths and serial killers.
  16. What do you think one needs religions for?

    Oh, and Antisocial Personality Disorder only affects like 1-3% of the population. The majority of people are born with a conscience.
  17. There is no need for the millions of people who have died because of religion and its ever present conflicts. Believe what you want but no one has the wright to kill another who disagrees with there unprovable delusions. As far as I am concerned that makes a unstable person at the least and a insane person at its worst.

    Think what you want but when you decide to kill the ones who do not believe as you do. I think religion is a BIG problem that has been a plague upon humanity since it was conceived. And it continues today with no end in sight.

    Atheist Peace
  18. People use any reason to kill other people. The end of Religion does not equal peace, correlation does not indeed mean causation, the problem lays in man. Don't blame the vehicle, blame those using it.
  19. I am not personally a religious person, but many use it for self cultivation or health benefits. Buddhism promotes frequent mediation, which promotes discipline as well as a decrease in stress. Many religions or philosophies explain ways in which one can attain joy. Often, if followed correctly, these promoted lifestyles can benefit an individual. Not all religions are about commandments and punishment.

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