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No-Name Ohio DANK!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ice1017, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. A half i got of some no name for $160. Pretty skunky and nice buds :hello:

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  2. 160? not bad man.. toke up!
  3. damn man looks good. What part of Ohio did you get this in?
  4. looks a bit stemmy. not bad, and can't argue with $160
  5. Dude, straight up, I'm from ohio, like the strongsville/columbia station area, and I got this same shit. $25 a gram, one bowl pack between me and my girlfriend and we're both geeked as fuck.

  6. yea im a lil north like by akron. but yeah i just smoked it last night n i was totally baked off 1 bowl :smoke:
  7. Damn thats nutty, I live in the Columbus area but mannn you got one nice deal ;)
  8. dude no way im 330 aswell
  9. ive gotten some shit like this in the 419 area
  10. Nice !!

    Yea.... my way....... $350 EASY !!

    Nice find !! Better stock up. :wave:

  11. damn 350??!!! thats crazy as hell hahah
  12. yea the 330 has some real nice coming through!

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