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*no name* *macros* how dank is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jph777, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Last nights pick up,no name dank
    has a very unique spicy smell,kinda like cinnamon
    great head high
    got it for 50 an eighth
    just curious, how much would something like this run you in your neck of the woods?

  2. That looks nice, nice pick-up!!!:smoke:

    That would cost me $60.
    Fucking Illinois prices!!!:mad:
  3. $50 1/8, $90 1/4.
  4. damn. that is some beautiful looking weed.
  5. 35-40 8th street price in san fran (dont mean to be a jerk)

    but i get my weed from the club so maybe street prices have gone up so if i didnt have a med card id deffenitly pay 45 for that :hello:

    stay high :smoking:
  6. I would probably pay around $60 for that. Nice pickup!
    That looks like more than an eighth to me!

  7. Damn, we never pay over $50 for a 1/4
    and it's ALWAYS good shit
  8. ^^ Bonnie your lucky, out here good weed will never cost less than $50 1/8. Unless you have a real good friend who grows.

    And yeah that looks like some good weed!
  9. thanks!

    ya its a healthy eighth, very light and fluffy also

    thats sweet man, where you at?
  10. nice pickup homie
  11. 50 to 60 in minnesota
  12. 45 an 1/8th and 80 for 1/4. At Umass.:smoke:
  13. that shit looks bomb man... resembles some supposed apollo 13 i had awhile ago.. enjoy
  14. that's some chronic boy
  15. last night me and a buddy shared a bowl of this
    put some kief on top from some blueberry i had a while back
    we where in space the rest of the night lol:smoke:
  16. +rep for the Bill Hicks quote in your sig
    Around here it would probably be around 55, so you got a deal.
    Hope you enjoy that! Looks delicious
  17. post some pics of the blueberry :D

    i love blueberry :smoke:
  18. Lookin good man.
    I'd pay 50 all day for that.
    It could go for 30-70 an 8th where I live depends how far you are up on the food chain.
  19. 50 bucks is legit for some herb, but if you want a better price simply expand your knowledge a bit and you can talk your dealer down. For example, while that herb looks awesome and I imagine it gets you RIPPED it has obvious signs of fert burn, this affects the finish products taste

    If you look closely I double circled where a burned leaf tip is on the nug, and I single circled where the trimmer clipped the leaves short and I would bet dimes to dollars that its because they where burned too.

    If you point this out (not rudely but intelligently) you will surely get a discount or better herb. If you don't then fuck that dealer he's/she's not worth your time.

  20. i did notice some of that discoloration, didn't think much about
    good knowledge to have, thanks for sharing

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