no-name lux? need help

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DrSteez, May 24, 2010.

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    ok's this bong... its supposedly a lux without the name..

    well here's the pics..


    soooo yea.. what's ur take on this GC?

  2. idk if its a lux but if that 170 is the price id pay it in a heartbeat.but thats just my opinion
  3. just a number ;)
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    Labels can wear off in some cleaning solutions or over time. That appears to be an oldschool streight (4 or 5) arm Lux. The tree percs are not open-ended, but the more narrow bore and strieght tube design improve the drag situation.

    It's a solid tube :) Worth it!
  5. i like that wooden slide tho. pretty sweet
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    Lol i saw that on Craigslist too....Tbh I dont think its worth $170. If you live around the LA area take a trip down to La-La Land in Venice and they will hook it up better for $170.

    Just my opinion though:rolleyes:

    edit: Looks kinda pinkish on the base and lip of the bong in the second pic too
  7. yea its a its a solid tube..worth a big tag?
  8. I've never seen a lux with a pink base.
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    That's a fair price and yes it looks to be a LUX without the label.

    Edit: I'm assuming the pink tint is not really on the tube but a result of the photograph right?
  10. I havve a 5 arm Lux beaker. That looks to be a really good deal though as I got mine for 220 out of the door. Mine was also the newer addition. How many slits does each arm have and are they open ended or just a slit on the end?

  11. Vaporstar
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    nor have i, that's why i was kinda iffy :/

    yea i dunno..i've never seen or heard of a no-name lux, like a lux w/o a name..and as for the pink base.. i am honestly not sure if its photography or the real thing..if i had to guess..i would say its a pink base..

    ummm 2 if im not mistaken by the picture

    so yea, what's your take on this?

    edit: btw, here's an other pic..


    its of the just wondering.. how does tha tperc worK? it appears to be midair lol..suspended in middle of tube. i dunno
  13. Yep I can see at least 2 slits and a slit on the bottom, mine is similar.

    That's how most percé are, built into the middle of the tubes neck. On mine I fill the perc with exactly 1" of water, a few cms over the top slit. It's all about the water levels, too much can add drag but since it's a straight tube it wouldn't be much drag.
    It looks like a Lux tube, with no label of course, but I can't tell for sure, get some clear hq pics
  14. that's the only pics i got :/

    but in my honest opinion..that might be (the bottom and the top lip) pink by color..not by photography :/ with that being said..what would you say about it now?

    and the perc on this one (and i guess on yours) how does it stay in place? or does it move around a lot? cause i've had a perc bong..but it was a piece of shit biohazard and that shit broke on me quick..but before it was attached to the top, this doens't look like ita attached anywhere... lol
  15. I'm no Lux expert but aren't the tree arms joint too low to the central tube to be a lux perc?

    All the one's I've seen join right at the top.
  16. i dunno, that's what was fishy to me..the whole perc and the whoel "no-name lux" i dunno ppl said its possible bout the no-name but i dunno bout the percs..that's tripppin me out.

    but yea..think it'll still work? and if its not a lux.. then whats the max you would go for that foR?
  17. Troll? Or just dumb.
    No offense, but it's built INTO the tube, as you can see, each arm is reinforced, meaning there is glass attaching each arm to the main upstem(if that's the correct term?).

    There's a lot of percs out there that are not reinforced, so that's a good sign. I don't know what to say if it really is pink. The perc by itself looks similar to mine from the blurry puctures.
  18. thanks dick
  19. I already said, didn't mean to offend you. And why can't you take more/ better pictures? Doesn't make sense, unless you don't really own that tube.
  20. yea man give him a break alot of people dont understand percs at first. but BACK to topic. tube looks sweet regardless. but i have no idea if its lux or not. but how does the second perc work??? it has weird slits. or is that even a perc:confused:. splash gaurd?

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