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  1. I'm new here and im loving all these crazy bongs w/ the percs and inline a/c's. Had no idea bongs have became so high tech! I bought tihs outta a local tobacco store for $30. Would post some bud shots but I dont get any name brand strands since I've been here. When I was in Denver, CO then I could show some off :)

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  2. Shit must be way overpriced where I'm from, thats a nice bong for $30. Enjoy that man!:bongin:
  3. dayum thats a nice bond for 30 bucks.
  4. yeah that is a sweet bong for 30 dollars. I bought a nice acrlyic bong with a pull out slide and multiple bowls for 22 dollars. but that is a badass bong
  5. Dude, that is a nice bowl+bong for $30. I think no name glass is the way to go if you're sort of on a budget or don't want to drop tons on a bong. I ordered a no name glass because of the price also, mine was only about $35 shipped and its glass on glass. Yours is definitely a way cooler design though. Let us know when you rip it. :wave: :bongin:
  6. Just got done ripping it! Wake n bake is what its all about. Before this site I had no idea about roor and all this cool stuff like ashcatchers..
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    No names aren't too bad, i got a 14" clear no name bubble bottom for $50 its decently thick, i picked up a diffused down stem for $12 and a cheap GonG snapper slide for $10 and it rips like crazy compared to how it came with the crappy slide and rubber oring.

    It's a great piece now to use while i wait on picking up a solid GonG.
  8. that thing is tight. love the colors! Thats a great bong if it's your first. My first was a shitty acrylic that I bought off EDIT for 50.... so you win.

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