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No Name florida dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Stoned Phillips, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Nice bud weighed out to 7.0.
    Some hues of purple too:)
  2. hmmm I do not see a picture. lol
  3. sorry trying to figure out how to upload the pic. havent posted before and kinda retarded right now:eek:
  4. Attached Files:

    • bud.jpg
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      111.5 KB
  5. damn, that's a nice big ass bud. looks tasty.

    how much does 7 grams of that shit cost in your neck of the wood? that'd be like, $100-120 around here.
  6. Whoa man, nice nug!!!
  7. Pretty nice. what part fl? haven't gotten many purple colors where I am at in fl.
  8. Thats a niiiiice juicy bud! I wish i had a quarter like that right now the size a that
  9. Ummm... So wait, did you pick it up in June? It's a very nice bud, but the date is off on your camera lolz :smoke:
  10. camera dates arnt always right mine never are./
  11. always love seein more fl dank. nice nug man.
  12. yea my cams a little fucked right now. it ran 105$ smelled like a homeless person. (in a good way :p)
  13. 239 reppin lol
  14. multi colored dank :D
  15. That shit looks tropical, i hope i come across that some day
  16. looks good havent seen that shit over my way yet pinellas county here
  17. Reall good looking pickup. Gotta see if I can hunt down some of that here in 904.
  18. fiddle sticks i just moved from fl to wish i had sumtin like tht its gorgoues!im from south florida reppin or used to rep 772!!

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