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No Name Dank Pick up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JohnyBlazin420, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. so i got from a call from my guy earlier saying he got some Dank. I was skeptical at first because he hasnt had anyhting good for a while. I headed to his house just to check it out. I ended up leavin with this.:D[​IMG]
    the picture doesnt do it justice since my cameras shit. Shit smells amazing and was dank a fuck. Got me Pretty Toasted
  2. looks like some decent dro. hoiw much it run ya bro? looks like about 5g am i right?
  3. nice.:hello:
    looks like its gonna make a fat blunt.
  4. cute nug man. looks like 6 to a 1/4 to me tho. let us know how ripped you get haha
  5. Not trying to hate but doesnt look like dro
  6. nice pickup
  7. 3 Grams?????? Nice bud Man:smoking:

  8. Nothing can look like "Dro" since "Dro" is Hydroponically grown weed. It can be bad, or good weed.

    But looks like some pretty nugs, can't tell since it looks like a cell phone camera but enjoy :).

  9. I cant even tell you how wrong you are.
  10. Looks like some str8 bud man
  11. Wish i could see macro's or something. Too blurry to tell if its just some clasy regs or dank....

  12. it wieghed 4.7 for an eigth and only ran me $40. And that blunt was fucking amazing.:smoking:
  13. Ya pictures never tell how good it smokes. Fat blunt tho.
  14. Yeah indeed.. but that's a hell of a blunt:D

  15. what do you mean by 4.7 for an 1/8? An eighth is right around 3.5g.
    $40 for that though. damn good deal.
  16. I said i wanted an eigth he put that on the scale and said here you go.
    i thought it was quite a good deal myself.:D
  17. nice pickup, looks a bit leafy. Is that on a Earth Sience book?
  18. haha yeah it is. i was wondering if someone would notice that.

  19. Damn i'm jealous haha. Unfortunately, where i come from weed is sort of looked at more as a drug and less like a plant that needs to be shared with f'in everybody (as it should be) and most people are stingy..which of course breeds more stingy-ness.

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