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  1. so i have had this problem all my life. its a general outlook

    its roots are in doing as little as possibly needed to survive. ill do dishes later or when i need them, same with laundry

    never do homework or study, im doing poorly in college my house is a mess

    i have these dreams and goals but whenever i start to persue them, i give up. its either boaring, or too much invested time or w/e

    i tell myself just do it, it doesnt work, ill get half way done with something, and then i will lose focus

    same with games, i used to be into MMO's. i couldnt even level a character without leveling all the others at the same time.

    i picked up weed about a year ago. i helps tremendously for the stress, which ironically is half caused by my lifestyle, but it does nothing for focus and motivation

    ive considered depression, ADD, maybe i should see a doctor?

    i dont like to believe something is physically wrong with me, but i cant seem to just will myself to be better...

    its becomming a huge problem as i get older, im 23 and have a daughter now. im getting a little better at doing things that need to be done, but i still cant seem to get motivated

    has anyone else had this problem and solved it?
  2. I haven't had the same problem, but I would suggest maybe seeing a doctor if things don't turn around for you soon, and instead of smoking before you pursue your goals, smoke when you finish them as a reward (hardest part), you will will save money, get higher, and feel better about it.

    I'd also recommend joining a recreational sports league of a sport that you like or just work out in general, both will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.

    good luck man.
  3. You just have to go do it. Even if you really don't want to, just do it. Once you start it's easy, you just have to start. Don't think, just do. :smoke:
  4. Just man up and get your shit done. It isn't that hard. Tell your girlfriend or wife or whatever to punch you in the testicles everytime you give up on something or procrastinate. You will quickly change your ways.
  5. this is kindve a nature vs nurture debate:
    on one hand, some people naturally are harder workers than others.
    however, alot of your work ethic is based on your previous experiences and environment, which is why our grandparents, who were living during a depression, tend to have a much stronger work ethic than our generation.

    The last thing you want to do is get on medication. this medicalization revolution in america is absurd. parents giving little kids speed so they get better grades, its absolutely sick.

    You will become more responsible over time, especially now that you have a kid. you are going to have to make sacrifices in order to take good care fo your kid, and although i dont know you personally to say you will rise to the challenge, there are very few people who wouldnt be.

    just stop thinking about it as a problem you have no control over, and start being proactive. every time you get distracted, force yourself to get it done. dont give yourself excuses, it leads to bad things, the worst probably being dependent on drugs to get through the day. trust me, i have experienced it myself and ive seen alot of friends go through it.

    when you start taking a drug to make urself better at something, you'd be surprised how quickly you start relying on it, and it WILL fuck you over no matter how many times you tell yourself it wont.

    im not saying im all that reponsible myself or even that all my advice is perfect, but if theres one message to take from this its this:

    dont turn your personal problems in to a disease, or it will ruin your life just as a disease would
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    thanks for the input

    one thing i noticed is im always tired. probly because im unhealthy, but it adds to it

    im going to start with going to bed at the same time
    waking up at same time
    going to gym every morning at the same time
    making a good breakfast

    hopefully that will get my health and motivation jump started for the summer and i can be were i need to be by fall semester
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    I applaud you for stepping up and seeking advice, let me tell you I am a 20 year old in damn near the same boat, the semester is over and now I have too much time on my hands and a mind full of unhealthy thought processing.

    I can see where you are coming from as I have trouble motivating myself to study more, get a job, eat good (not just when high), and exercise etc. I think you are at a good step because you can look at it and not make excuses, I know exactly the feeling: "This is boring, pointless, I will fail etc." Just try to develop a plan which is what I am doing, keep making your problems a conscience thought and not just shove it in the background.

    The weed doesn't help with motivation, try using it as a reward for when you make progress, if you study your ass off and take the test with confidence then spark up, but not before or else you will get bored and come on GC and bump music.

    Good luck bro, I am making a goal to get healthy in everything (physically, mentally, socially, financially) or very much on track by my 21st birthday next year, try to set a goal and push yourself to know how much fun life would be (and how less of these depressive thoughts paralyze us) when you reach that goal.

    Edit: No offense but I see you joined last month with hundreds of posts, trust me I am very familiar with that and just take note of how easy it is to surf message boards compared to homework, don't take the easy way out. Your one line really hit close to home: "doing as little as possibly needed to survive" Well I am a new father as well and know that mindset will cripple me.
  8. and dont forget, go out on a nightly run, like 10pm, few times a week

  9. This is bad advice, I see your intentions are good but from someone who understands OP it is pointless advice. I get this a lot and the problem is that it begins with the mind, you are essentialy telling him what your mental process is proper and not his, possibly true in regards to living healthy and responsibly but it just raises a defense mechanism it doesn't help the true obstacle: changing the thought process of the individual (and it must be done by that individual), this could take a plan and self observation.

    It isn't that hard is just a silly thing to say, I find the most complicated computer shit (according to everyone I deal with) easy but the things I find so hard like valuing myself and giving myself what I deserve is second nature to them, I think by doing this you only lower someones self esteem and push them back (what many who tried to help me did).

    Not trying to hijack the topic but I can relate to how NOT to go about raising self esteem, energy, motivation etc.
  10. just to clarify

    only been smoking a year, this is a life problem

    i actually started smoking regularly because it greatly reduced stress and helped me sleep, though i will admit im now addicted, im not worried about it, im much more worried about my caffine addiction :mad::yay::metal::cry:

    seriously caffines messes you up, but back on topic

    weed does in fact make me less motivated, so i try not to smoke it before i do things, and the reward concept is good, i actually try to use it but i often convince myself, meh, i can do it later

    thanks again for all your positive input, im glad to see im not alone also
  11. i was thinking the same thing, but didnt want to sound ungrateful

    the first words that go through my head when im trying to motivate myself are "just do it and youll get it done" so people telling me this, its like preaching to the choir
  12. Don't convince yourself you can do it later, there is nothing worse than rushing to study in the morning thus not being prepared and possibly neglecting other needs (ex. Breakfast).

    Think about it, falling asleep on a blunt after a night of studying is better than falling asleep on a book after a night of burning.

    I think people have the best intentions in mind they just don't 'understand' because they are mentally healthy enough to not have the problem to begin with. Just do it is a thought you make yourself aware of but then you have a conflicting thought saying 'why bother? You are alive, your kid is alive, the game is on' and you settle for the minimum in everything, another tip I have that works for me: Don't think, don't tell yourself, just do something, grab a weight, put a meal in your mouth, open the book, talk to the girl, turn off the lights and try to sleep etc.

    Your mind is against you, a good way to fight it is with actions not conflicting thoughts, the more you do the more your brain will adapt, for instance the more you slack off the more your brain will tell you to slack off, its a cycle.
  13. Sometimes its like trying to lift a thousand pound weight. You just can't. The big people say cmon man just do it. They don't realize you just simply aren't strong enough.

    Same with people telling me to be motivated... to just do it...

    Even when I manage to get into work mode it doesn't llast long before the moral goes byby
  14. I used to be like this too until I stopped smoking weed as much. I only smoke like a few times a month and now I feel that I have way more energy and can do a lot more in 1 day, this may not work for you it was just my experience. But maybe cut down on smoking weed if ur smoking everyday. Hope this helps.
  15. You sounded like a regular lazy college student until you said you have a daughter. Bro you need to get your shit together. If she's living with you, you have to get it together for her if you can't do it for yourself.

    Try taking some adderal...

    Lmao jk don't do that it. Start drinking green juice and lifting heavy weights. Run as fast as you can once in a while.
  16. I think your problem isn't lack of motivation, your problem lies elsewhere, and lack of motivation is a symptom. Now, only you can tell yourself what that problem is, but here's some ideas. Find something that you are interested in, that you WANT to pursue. Don't give up on that, sit down and think of how you're going to attain that goal, and then DO it. It will make a world of difference.

    Depression isn't something a doctor, or pharmaceuticals can fix, it's something you need to fix through a change of lifestyle. The things around you are obviously just not rewarding enough.
  17. Thanks for the concern/advice.

    Its not all that bad anymore. I can do it if it needs to be done. But that's the problem. Need...

    I tried getting myself to study math yesterday. The idea was since I'm planning on going back to school whenever I can afford it, I want to get ahead. But I couldn't focus at all on it.

    Hey! I been saying that for a while about most mental illness. You
    Can't cure a cold with nyquil. Anisychotics are like nyquil. They treat symptoms.

    Anyway back on topic
    I been working on it. This thread is really old. I was feeling unmotivayed today so I dug it up.

    I've been this way since I was a kid. Sometimes I wonder if I have adhd. I definatly have the symptoms.

    I think of might have a lot to do with how I was raised.

    Also how did this thread end up in health and nutriuon? I think I remember posting it in philosophy. Meh. Whatever it's a health topic
  18. I think we all go through this to a degree. Life is not fulfilling as it once was. But find what makes your life fulfilling, and it will be a never ending journey my friend.

    As for health and nutrition, you should consider Omega supplements. It helps a lot in providing the reactions in your brain that have to do with emotions, and mental processes. It's the same system that makes marijuana so helpful for depression, and anxiety, and the array of other disorders and conditions it alleviates.
  19. I been trying to increase omega 3 intake.

    I been stressing out about and been borderline obsessive with studying it.

    They say you want as close to a 1-1 ratio as possible, but that's near impossible to get unless you eat nothing but fish and grass fed beef.

    Then they say flax. But flax is nasty and animal suppliments are easier to digest. You have to eat like tripple.flax to get the Sam's as you would from fish.

    I decided it will be way easier to eat a low fat diet (and thus.lower total omega 6) and then load.up on omega 3 pills. This will fix the ratio.problem without wasting on grass fed beef or having to eat nothing buy seafood.

    I just started so I haven't seen results yet. But I've heard of mental health noticeably improving in as little as a week once you fix your omega 3 deficiency.

    In.optimistic about it now
  20. im the exact same way... i think my main problem is the only thing i want to do is so expensive that it will take at least 3-6 months working before i can do it, i need results in order to keep doing something...

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