No Mother on Mothers Day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Acidphere, May 8, 2011.

  1. So most of you might not know but today is Mothers day...
    Personally the worst day out of all 365 days for me..

    I never really dread days but Mothers day to me basically is the one day
    out of the year that reminds me i have nothing to look forward to and reminds
    me of how i've never had a mother...

    I've never really known what a mom feels like, ive never had that motherly
    love that everyone talks about. It used to be wierd seeing back in the day when
    you were a kid and notice everyone has a mom and how much different
    moms were to have then dads. See i was left at birth and have never heard anything from my mom and she recently has left this essence of life. Anyways...
    what other Blades dont have moms? and has it affected any of you differently?

    Personally i felt i was a late bloomer with girls, i never really talked to them because i had noone at home to relate to, i diddnt really know what moms and girls did...
    Also i never really had a shopping experince with a mom for clothe so basically ive always chosen what i wore and sometimes i wish i had that moms touch for those certain occasians.

    For you of those with Awesome moms tell us why and how much they help in your life because this is mothers day!! Theres probably another Mothers day appreciation thread but oh well theres like 100 Osama threads so who gives a fuck?!?!

    Smokin a bowl for moms everywhere!!:hello:
  2. Never had a mom since I was 3. It made me see that life isn't fair and you just gotta get through it, also made me smoke tons of weed seeing as my dad always worked and I didn't have a parent to really control me
  3. ^^^

    I agree to, i think having a mom has made me a lot stronger.
    Life isn't fair, everyone is treated differently no matter how you try and
    you really got to take life as its given to you.

    Overall i think im a better person because of it, its really opened me up to the ideas of well..other peoples ideas and opinions. I wouldnt change a day in my life but sometimes i just wish i had that mom there ya know?

    i also agree about the dad and smoking weed part, even though i can smoke weed freely and ive been able to since iwas 17..but still ive always felt more controll in my own life and always been that independent kid.
  4. My mom would never leave me, she loves me.
  5. Why is there no Motherfucker's Day???

  6. There is silly, its called fathers day!! hell ya...

    and im glad your mom loves you :D
  7. Oh yeah!!! Father's Day is Motherfucker's Day, isn't it? How could I forget??? :D
  8. Its my Moms Birthday and Mothers Day. Yeaahhh just another day kinda's except for going out for a big family dinner.

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