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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by AlcaBLOWN, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. No more sex for me my dick is so small its not worth the emberessment or the effort.
  2. dude just get some fuckin viagra its no big deal
  3. obviously you cant read
  4. lol this makes me curious. How small we talkin? like, under avarage in length and width or.. freakishly small; the grape who never got to be a grape size..

    edit: Sometimes its ... "good" to be smaller, cause with my girl @ first she was so tight that she actually said; it would help if you were a bit smaller for a period of time

    so.. you know, theres a benifit on everything.
    you can compensate with big muscles and a sexy smile though.
  5. Im 5 and 3 quarters long and about 5 around
    Now i know this is supposed to be the average size but i say thats BULLSHIT it looks so small no way in hell thats the average size
  6. well, assuming your not just trolling, your on the smaller size of average, but not really small dude. your good
  7. People you see in porn are not good to compare with. They get paid to fuck and likewise have the "tools" to get paid to fuck. Your average and if a girl really cares about you she'll love on that thing like you are Ron Jeremy
  8. Damn dude I would have thought you had like 4 inches from the way you're talking, but really you're pretty much average man. Why you feeling so insecure? That's hardly a reason to never have sex again...
  9. No shit, what you so broken up about? You make it sound like you got a needle're average dude, learn how to use it and don't worry. If she needs 9" let her get her whore ass out there and move on.
  10. From a girls POV some of my best fucks were from an ex boyfriend who was small.
    He knew how to use it though and even if he didn't he more than made up for it with his other skills :p

    Everyone is different, but to me, size really doesn't matter. If a girl doesn't want to have sex with you because of the size of your pecker then don't even waste your time with her. That's crap.
  11. Sometimes my tongue does stuff 7 inches cant.
  12. lack of confidence and insecurities are some of the most embarrassing things a man can have. esp when you're freakin normal... women would just see a weak man.
  13. it's not even how long it is.
    it's the motion of the ocean, you gotta get that groove.
    female's complain yet?

  14. this 1 girl was making out with me then she put her hand in my pants
    after she stroked it once or twice she stopped and said sorry to me so i asume its so small she didnt even wanna waste her time

    then theres another girl who hasnt complained but one time when one of those extenze commercials came on she said u need that in a joking way
  15. Your pecker aint small man. Whip that thing out and act like you hung like a moose and ladies won't complain. Get that insecure negativity out of your head
  16. Isn't 5 inches average? And what PrettyLit's the motion in the ocean. Man, I've heard stories from friends talking about how guys with like 5-6 inch ones blew them away and guys with like 8-9 inches sucked in bed. Turn into an amazing fuck and if you leave them looking like this :eek: you're good :D
  17. Thats retarted man. Youre gettin girls, should use it aha

  18. they say thats average but its a lie it has to be
  19. What gives you the idea your dick is especially smaller than everybody else's?

    Look at any survey or study conducted on penis size, 5 inches is generally average man.

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