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No More weed until 4/20

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Midnighttoker097, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. I am on a tolerance break now & originally it was only gonna be for exactly two months but then I thought what's another 20 days & then on 4/20 if I make it until them am gonna reward myself with a new piece of Kit from the head shop , am thinking of either the volcano or The Gas mask bong . It seems like the ideal day to go until plus I'll get a real good decent high for waiting that long.
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  2. Gas mask bongs are more of a novelty item get the Volcano.
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  3. Sure wish I had your will power!
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  4. I'm only on my eighth day so far and who knows I may not have the will power as I still have the gear stashed away , it is different if you don't have any because you can just refuse to purchase any until you you are ready . My main reason for giving it up for so long as it has made me very impotent . From last Wednesday the day after I I last smoked I have suffered severe Impotence and have had to be careful what I eat , Take Freezing cold showers , and go to the gym nearly every day and it is only just starting to show signs of improvement so I put this down to the weed because I feel horny as hell while high but when not high I'm totally Impotent and as much as I love weed and getting high I love my libido and boners much more.

  5. You stopped smoking because you have boner problems??
  6. Yes exactly , It's no fun at all & as well as boner problems I have lost the ability to enjoy anything without being high .
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  7. Second this, I hit a gas mask bong once and felt so nasty after, face was all greasy from the smoke and just an all around unpleasant experience. I love my volcano though, even if I haven't used it in a few months, been mostly dabbing lately
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  8. Volcano it is then , The Gas masks look kind of scary to me anyway ; too enclosed and they could be the recipe for a really bad high .
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