No more weed,can I get high off stem collection?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingDaily420, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Well I ran out of money thanks to Wells Fargo and their stupid hidden fees.....anyways Im broke with no weed but I have plenty of stems saved up. Do you think that if i smoked them all from my bong i'd get a decent fade? I also have resin saved up in a ball---nasty
  2. Don't do it. I smoked a bowl of stems mixed with shake, and it's really just not worth it. I had the slightest buzz for about 15 minutes, then I got a bit of a pain in my head. The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes.

    tl;dr save the stems and make hash/tea.
  3. Inb4 headache
  4. Dam man well I guess I wont then, but im telling you i got quit a bit of many did you smoke?
  5. I just packed myself a one hitter at the time.
  6. Make tea bro
  7. How many hits yuo end up getting?

  8. I want to buit idk how and i heard it dont work at all
  9. dont smoke stem ew, get a grinder and grind your stem. at the bottom of the grinder you gonna get keif. than smoke the keif to the head lol
  10. Man I had a COUPLES OZ of stems and packed up a grinded 1 gram stem worht. Just to see if Id get high so I hadnt smoked anything all day.

    I was lightly stoned for 2 min before the whopping headache came. Dont smoke stems.

    I ended up making some tincture
  11. Ok i guess i wont
  12. I took a pound of stems once and made it into hash the way I've always made hash for years. Worst hash I ever had, barely got a head change. I think it's because when I dried my plants at harvest I hung them upside down and the oils from the stems seep into the buds as they slowly dry, leaving mere wooden twig stems that contain virtually no thc. Plus the carcinogenic content of the stems is probably pretty high. The headache is typical. I'd wait If I was you.

    Also, one of my banks did that shit to me recently and refused to give back funds, even though I never signed anything agreeing to their new policy. After being a customer for 13 years I dropped them on the spot. They have their priorities mixed up. Rob me now, lose a customer for life and any potential friends I might have. Bad business move IMO. Buddy told me on the phone this morning that the same bank deposited a grand into one of his accounts accidentally. Then when they applied hidden fees to his other account he closed out the account they messed up with the deposit. He told them, you give my money back and I'll give the deposit back. We're talking 100 dollars in fees they could have let slide vs the 900 they put into his account on accident. So they wouldn't. Instead they took him to small claims court and the judge ruled in his favor. He came up 800 dollars minus the few hours of work he missed. Moral of the story? Fight it to the end. Peace.
  13. Nice dude, I just recently opened a checking/savings acc with Wells Fargo, and Im not really happy at all with them. You CANT use an ATM besides the ones right outside the bank other wise youll get charged like 10 bucks, theres a shit ton of hidden fees that they fuck me over with, fuck wells fargo man im goin bank of america asap
  14. I remember smoking an entire joint full of cut up stems once lol NEVER again
    I light it up, feel fucking high, 20 minutes later an insane headache comes on and my throat is so sore, 1 week down the line i was so sick, throat clogged up, migranes etc

    You can make a drink with stems, not too sure how but theres guides etc, Its pretty much just dumping them into a cup and making tea or something lol
  15. Soak those bitches in vodka/everclear
  16. I've smoked stems in my bong I had to smoke quite a bit but I got high & didn't get a headache
  17. You DID NOT get a headache? Why does everysay stems give you head aches sometimes i smoke stems and they get me kinda higher
  18. These people saying "no don't do it you'll get a headache" are dumb dude, they buy into yet again, another marijuana myth.

    There is no evidence showing that stems cause headaches when smoked. Stems still contain THC, nearly every part of a harvested marijuana plant has THC on it. Stems do have THC, not as much as a bud, but they can still get you high.

    I've smoked stems as a last resort, and they have got me high. No headache, just a great high. Pack a bowl of stems, then smoke away.
  19. This is why I love you jesus, you bring the truth when it is needed.

    And jesus I need to spread some rep around so +rep jesus

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