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No More Tobacco! Thank You, Bud!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kramer, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. So yea, had my last pack of commercial tobacco last night. Hurray. I'd never be able to if I didn't have the power of the weed behind me. AND. I only smoked cigarettes when I was dry.

    So yea, who has quit tobacco since they picked-up the chronic? Thoughts and comments relating to either pro or neg tobacco quite welcome.

  2. I've recently tried to quit smokin the cancer sticks a couple times but no luck.

    good luck
  3. I've tried to quit a few times.
    It's hard as fuck.
  4. I recently went a month and a hlaf with out a single drag on a cigarette, not one. Then I got drunk at a PGroove concert, blacked out, smoked an "American Spirit" of all random cigarettes to bum, and it was all downhill from there. Bout to give it the old college try again though.

    You can absolutely do it. Keep the reason why you want to stop in focus as much as possible. Stay away form old habits (i.e. dont go outside with friends while they smoke as often, don't allow others to smoke in you car, don't hang out in smoking sections, etc.) I have confidence in you, I like your enthusiasum; just remember, when the going gets tough, the tough keep going.
  5. Man, I've had no cigs. for a month now. I've tried and failed in the past and I also quit for 2 years before got drunk as fuck like trikky and said fuck it and started smoking more than I did in the past. But then I started feeling shitty after every cig. instead of feeling better, cause I tend to smoke a lot. I actually found it harder to quit smoking cigs. while smoking bud cause I always smoke a cig. when I am blazed. I need to chew another piece of gum just thinking about it. Fuck cigs. They are evil.
  6. Whenever I'm high I hate smoking cigarettes, otherwise....cancer for me!
  7. Tobacco+weed=Amazing spliff stoned heaven :smoking:

    dont smoke cigs smoke spliffs.
  8. See that's the funny thing with me. I use to love smoking cigs after I got blazed but I hated mixing bud with tobacco. That is why I am not huge on blunts. I always felt like tobacco contaminates the bud. Yeah I am strange like that. :D
  9. QFT!!

    YAY this is the first time I get to use this acronym!
  10. AGAIN! QFT!! I'm on a roll...
  11. good luck man, ive tried before, and wish i could go a week without...
  12. wow im high and i thought this read "No more Tacobell!" i was like what!???
  13. LOL That was fucking awesome.

    Anyhow, thanks for the support guys. Been in the same boat as before as alot of you guys. I stopped smoking for three months before a friend wrecked my car. I had no bud, so I had to fiend a ciggy off my parent. Went downhill from there. So now I'm going back to anti-tobacco. I'll easily be able to do it as long as my pockets remain greened in BOTH senses.

    @ CaliCoast - Same with me man. Tobacco and weed are horrid together as spliffs (though I don't mind it so much when it comes to blunts). Just ruins it for me. All weed or bail, imo. But when it comes to smoking while blazed, fuck that. I just don't care for it or desire to. That's what will make this process even easier.

    Again, thank you all so much for the support. I'll keep an update via Signature on how long I've been tobacco free.

  14. Yo Kramer, yea chronic help me quit smoking cigs too. I smoked cigs for a year during my freshmen year, then quit around middle of my junior year. I was really suprised i never got addicted, and i was smoking for more then year nothin but cigs, but jus couldn't get quite attached to it. Sophmore tried pot, thought cigs made it better, but it was jus the good bud. Then during my junior year, i noticed after every cig made me feel like nothin but shit,didn't get me high and offer nothin but death for 5 bucks a pack. One thing i can tell you cigs smell awful chemical smell, weed so natural goodness, so i decided made the obvious choice marijuana over tobacco any day of the week. I dont really care bout the effects cigs so much, I'd still smoke them if they actually got me intoxicated.
  15. I've never picked up that habit, luckily. Good luck on quitting! Don't turn back. ;)

  16. I don't think that' strange at all. Nicotine is poison people, how many times do people have to tell you? Havn't you learned by now? If you burn your hand on the stove do you keep putting your hand back on the stove?

    Don't mix poison with medicine.
  17. this is a question for the smokers..did you always enjoy cigarettes? i've never truly enjoyed one, though i did used to smoke them when my friends i knew for a fact that i didn't enjoy cigarettes, but after awhile i felt urges to have them. then i thought about things and did a "wtf?".. haven't had one since:smoking:
  18. Never got addicted to cigs fortunately. Never really liked them, I hate the taste of tobbaco. But its pretty funny because my friend has been smoking cigs for about 2 years now. As in he rarely buys himself a pack, he usually only smokes when hes around people who are smoking and he'll bum a cig and smoke it. But he never truly got addicted. He quit just recently without ever having an urge to smoke again. So I've come to the conclusion he never was addicted. Hes like immune to tobbaco
  19. smoked for 18 years.Quit in 2004.Have'nt smoked a cigarette since and dont plan on it.I can only recommend not smoking tobacco period.
  20. I stopped smoking cigs a couple weeks back. Me and the GF were stoned sitting on the couch and we realized that they were bad for us and not worth smoking. Wasn't really that hard to quit, now that I think about it.

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