No more sand castles on the beach!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aH1GH3Rpower, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach: "ILLEGAL TO DIG" -- NO SAND CASTLES[/ame]

    This is pretty crazy. Figured ide throw it into the stoner-sphere
  2. What the fuck?
  3. I don't know the reason for this, maybe the oil underneath the sand is a fire or health hazard.
  4. Who builds sand castles?!?! White people do, that's who! Coincidence? I think not aahaha :D
  5. lol @ the guy with the shovel after the cop tells him he cant dig

    he's all like :'(
  6. The reason for this is that they can.

    They can make sure that no one digs under the sand, so they do. They are called politicians, and they are scumbags. The fact that you have to try to justify their policies makes me laugh.
  7. Yeah, this makes no sense whatsoever. Seems a bit like red-tape up the wazoo
  8. Yea but if 1000's of people went their with shovels, these "scumbag" politicians would be powerless. The problem is, people are to lazy to challenge what we think is wrong. Well, the Tea Party seems to be doing a decent job but they are all racist ya know...Even the black guys :rolleyes:
  9. It is rather unfortunate... but I am under the impression that things have to get worse before they can get better. No one is going to rush the beach, shovel in hand, risking fines or jail time just to dig in the sand. Not to mention no one gives a damn. It is just some sand, after all.
  10. Thats what I just said... However, WE decide when things have gotten "worse" enough.
  11. I lol'ed @ the guy with the shovel. But really though, just another step closer to Communism.

  12. When people talk like that it lets these "politicians" get away with things like this.
  13. Agreed, if no digging (probably cause there is some poisonous shit down there) bothers you that much, grow some balls, pick a day and get a large group of people down there. Congressmen are just people. Scumbags just like you and me
  14. The EPA went to a small family owned chicken farm and found chicken shit so they shut it down. :rolleyes:

    The reason for the oil spill was to prevent you or anyone from digging in the gulf forever.

    Every body of water in the US is being placed under federal control.

    This is happening all over the world. The globalist intend to control your air, your food and your water.


    EPA grants focus on restoring Great Lakes waterways

    U.S. Gains Carp Czar, Court Hears Testimony on the Invasive Fish

    S. 510: 12 Reasons Why The Food Safety Bill From Hell Could Be Very Dangerous For The U.S. Economy

    EPA sues Va. meatpacker

    EPA to crack down on that evil Farm Dust

  15. Buy guns :cool: The UN is nothing compared to the people
  16. the people are busy twittering and watching American Idol. (and posting on GC :eek: :p)
  17. ahaha Dick! I'm doing school work too!
  18. ^This.

    If our country starts to go to shit, Im investing in a shotty, AK, and lotttssss offff ammmmoooo. Im ready
  19. Starts to go to shit? :confused:
  20. This ones for you and your signature AugustWest=o

    [ame=]YouTube - Grateful Dead Candyman 8-30-70[/ame]

    And yes, go to shit. Like if our government starts to be oppressive.

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