no more mj for me

Discussion in 'General' started by mini_toker, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. im on probation,got caought with intent to sell and about 50 lsd tablets,so im on probation and i gotta piss in a cup 2 times a week or else i get sent to prison,but oh well,i wad failing now my grades r going up
  2. Dude you sound like an anti drug/weed ad...

    "I was dealin' crack on the corner, and smoking weed every day, but one day I got caught and was luckily put on probation by the nice judge, and since I've been off of drugs my grades have gone up" lmao, sorry, it just sounded like one of them ads on tv...
  3. that sucx

    more weed for us!
    sorry dude
  4. yeah, a lot of my smokin buddies are on probation......but they still toke......

  5. Yea, same with a few of my freinds.

  6. not LSD.....E is considered man slaughter......
  7. Sorry that you got caught man. I have been through a time like you are going through were i couldnt smoke for a while. But it will all get over with, with time.
  8. someone told me that in canada it's somthing like manslaughter for shrooms since it's a poison or sumthing similar
  9. its only for 6 months anyways
  10. yep im on probation for 6 months too, just went to my first probation meeting tonight. "subject to random UA's" but really they only do it once a month at the meetings, and sometimes randomly at school...but hopefully i will be able to cut that probation down if i get all my shit done asap

  11. lol...delete post now mods....please!!!

  12. I had no idea it's considered attempted manslaughter for selling x.... makes sense I guess (sort of)
  13. what you need to do, is get in a car and drive to soemwheer far away and do all the drugs you want and if there abotu to catch you drop 1000 mgs of acid and go out happy baby, haha am i right or what?

  14. For 6 months probation? Ehhh seems a little excessive to me...

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