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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by KraziHare, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. I noticed a little while ago that the pictures in peoples signatures had been replaced by the url for them. I went to my own profile to see what was wrong and it said that img code was turned off. What's up? Was this an accident or did one of you mods get sick of people bogging down the site with lots of (or very large) pictures? Or perhaps you got a complaint or two about people linking to other sites in their sigs? Either way please lemme know what's going on, I only had one picture and it wasn't too big.
  2. Hi Krazi!

    I have putt the image code OFF in the signature area, because of loading problems of our members with a slower internet coonection. Due to large iamge files, threads with a lot of post in them have become almost impossible to load/read for members with a Dial Up Connection. This has realy made it for members very difficult to fully enjoy the boards. That is the reason why, so until everybody has a DSl connection we will do it this way, I hope you understand.




  3. It's all good my moderating friends, I kind of figured that was the case. Speaking of which, I myself have a dial up connection so I suppose this is helping me as well. If you could somehow restrict the size of pics in peopls signatures but still turned img code off then I'd be a li'l cross, but I doubt that's the case so no hard feelings; it's your site anyway so do whatever the hell you want :)
  4. I've changed the setting to max one picture per siganture, let's see if that maybe helps, maybe I was too harsh not to allow any pictures at all.

    Keep me informed if it give trouble again?

    Peace my friends

  5. you da boss

    good call cheif:D
  6. Yeah, thanks for setting it up like that, it's good to know someone cares
    This next bowl's for you Superjoint
    (nothing wrong with sucking up to mods :))
  7. Please make it (a lot) smaller


  8. How about my pic? It's a little bit bigger than I thought you might have liked but it's low quality so it's only something like 12k, I've seen smileys bigger than that. I guess I'm just looking for some kind of standard here so I know when I've gone too far (as is often the case with me :D)

  9. Nut'n wrong wit dat… your sucking helped the whole community… lol Think if you can suck some more so we can avoid war with Iraq?

    And does that cum wit a swallow?


    Jfwu ;)

  10. When did I become the target of this guy's wrath? Jeeze, we officially have trolls here.
  11. iam guessing mines way to big?
  12. my vote is for yes.
  13. Yes it's way to big. You need to make it smaller or delete it..

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