NO MORE HID's!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by trogdor4564, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I just heard the best news today. My friend that works at a hydroponics store always gives me free stuff to grow with nutrients soiless soil etc...
    But i was tlkaing to him for a while and he said he heard of this new light system that is so much better than HID's in everyways. I dont know if this is true or if anyone else has heard of this but supposedly LED lights are better than both MH and HPS. They have 2 spectrums one for vegigng and one for flowering. The vegging LED light has only the blue spectrum that plants need during vegging and the flowering LED has only the red spectrum that plants need to flower. HID have a lot of unnecessary light spectrums that htye put out. Causing more heat and more energy usuage. So these LED lights are suppose to put out a lot less heat, almost like floros. And it is suppose to save a lot more energy than HIDs therefore eletric bill will go down. And to make this sound even better I think he said something like a 40w LED light is equivelant to a 400w HID. Also it is only about $80-$100 for a 40w light.

    I know this all might sound too good to be true but this just miught be the next big thing. I dont remember the company name that he said are selling these things but i will find out tomorrow. If this is all true i am definetly turning in my MH and HPS lights for some LEDs. If any one else has heard anything about LED lights being used for growing, good or bad, let me know. Any information about this would be great. Leat me know what you think this could change indoor growing forever!!:eek:
  2. I think there is a grow journal using LED's somewhere on this site. If you search, you will find.
  3. This is not exactly "new" but it is just starting to popularize. I'm not sure on the energy to lumen level but i don't know that 40w =400w HID. LED's may be the future of growing tech.
  4. I dont no if it was exactly 40w=400wHPS but it was something like that.. maybe 60w does. Dont quote me on exact readings but its something crazy like that. Im not saying this is true either. i was told this and i am hoping it is true. Just want to know if anybody else knows anything about LED lights for growing to fill me full of correct and factual knowledge.
  5. hid-hut hasa rediculously priced led ufo that is supposed to be as powerful as a 600 watt, and not cost nearly as much
  6. I'm an avid forum reader, and the absolute best real-world test I've seen is this SIDE-BY-SIDE grow, 70w HPS vs. LED.

    (You can scan through the pages quickly for pictures, but if you take the time to read the posts by the two guys doing it, you can see that they really know what they're doing with the LED's. Results are about equal, BTW.)

    (Also, sorry about the link to another forum, but knowledge is knowledge, yes?)
  7. I haven't read the thread yet, but this right here makes me question if they're really comparing apples to apples. 70 watt HPS is nothing! Most growers are using 400 watt HPS, at least and many are using 1000 watt or more. I doubt it would take much light at all to outproduce a 70 watt HPS.
  8. LED's have a promising future, but right now, you can't beat HID's
  9. Yes so far after loking at LED postings and tlaking to more people about it, its doesnt seem that amazing. I mean Yeah you can use less electricity and less heat. Butyou have to get LOTS of LED lights to make an equivelency to a 400w. Most places that sell LED's are pretty damn expensive. So basically it doesnt seem worth it to mean. It looks like companys need a few more years to invent some really good Compact cheap LED light or something. Too bad this isnt as great as i thought it was in the first place. But any more info please post. Thank you all so far.

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