No more flying with Bud on you...

Discussion in 'General' started by zzxyzz, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. With all the effort America has put into fighting 'terror', we could have been securing our borders, researching defensive technology, refining our intelligence and foreign policy to protect ourselves from terror.
  2. I agree. I am forced to fly often for business, and I could care less what they search or scan. I'd rather be as certain as possible that I'll get there in one piece. Frankly, anyone stupid enough to try and sneak cannabis on a plane in this day and age deserves to get busted anyways. Yes you can get away with it, but the penalties far outweigh the worth of carrying a few grams with you when you can get it anywhere you go.
  3. they should just rename this machine,

    The Asshole Deterrent Machine

    then we will all see the true purpose, and stop bitching.
  4. lol,This machine is another thing that takes our rights away.

    Everyone is going to see your Johnson, and all womans.........will be on display too.

    Im all for driving if I can, I dont plan on a trip overseas, well, cause Im poor. So aslong as its in the US or Canada I am good.

  5. well said, tyrone.

    i couldnt agree more.

  6. Dont screen my tits!!!
  7. what if i were the machine? can i screen your tits :ey:
  8. People are missing the point here. If it were legal then we wouldn't have to even worry about this. There is no violation of rights here; you have no right to fly on a plane. They are chiefly looking for weapons and explosives; if you don't want to worry about getting busted with pot while flying them give money to NORML and work to help seek legalization.
  9. yeah, there is no violation of rights. it is the same as the metal detectors, i dont see anyone bitching about those. all they are trying to do is further protect us while we are on the plane, it is for good purpose. if you dont like it, drive across the atlantic, and keep the complaints to yourself, or the TSA.
  10. I'm more worried about wiretaps without warrants and secret courts issuing FISA search warrants than I am about security at airports.

  11. exactly, THAT is invasion of privacy. when you fly on a plane, you have NO rights (that pertain to privacy in that sense). you submit yourself to being screened like that. dont be ignorant, and try to bring that gram of shake with you because youre too inept to find it where youre going, or youre too weak to go that 4 days without bud.

  12. I've never travelled anywhere where I could not get a hookup within a day or two.
  13. i hope you dont think when i say 'you' i am directing that rant at YOU, OSG. :wave::smoking:
  14. Oh not at all. We were in agreement :)
  15. goood....gooood.... all goes according to plan. :p
  16. Too late, ole G.W. revoked our right to privacy long ago (along with other insignificant constitutional rights such as habeas corpus). :(
  17. habeas corpus is far from insignificant.
  18. I was being sarcastic, but I don't blame you for the misunderstanding, it is difficult to derive tone from text.
  19. ahhhh after the reread i picked up on it. sorry im realllllllllll fuckin high on drugs.

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