No more flying with Bud on you...

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  1. all those people will see my dick, hopefully i can try to maintain an erection while i walk though security
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    *Christopher Walken-esque* OH MY GOD! .. I thought of this when i read the OP.. haha so funny. :laughing:

    its not as funny, however, due to the fact that were are now being subjected to these nefarious, and impudent laws. god dammit!
  3. yep. mass killing is like the best way to make everybody "Normal"!!

    man you're good..
  4. fuck that

    when i fly to wisconson

    i'm going through Oakland international

    gotta bring teh dank with me
  5. Quoted for epicness.

    That's what I've been sayin' man. Society isn't far from rock bottom, can't we take our clothes off already?
  6. how could something you know wants to protect you be too powerful?
    someones propaganda is hard at work here.

    why is everyone crying at resistance? lynchin' tyme!

    maybe if you people did some research on the subject(which i won't do for you) you'd know how many ranking neo-cons made millions of dollars a pop from various deals revolving around war period, not just Iraq.

    carlyle group is the most obvious since bush Sr is a chairman and had considerable stock in the company along with members of the Bin laden royal family.
    they we're all kickin' it and doin' it big, lookin over annual profit reports together on 9/11.

    then you have general bush family tactics to do anything for a buck like Iran Contra, which Bush Sr was heavily involved in along with about a quarter of W's administration.

    Prescott Bush(G W's Granddaddy) was a suspected nazi supporter who helped run a bank with/for Fritz Thyssen that funneled money back to Nazi Germany in the early 40's. the bank was seized by the racist cross dressing, but still head of the FBI J Edgar Hoover under the Trading With The Enemy Act. if that wasnt bad enough, Prescott Bush is THE ONE who built Richard Nixon up in his early political carrier with his money & various business and politico connections.
    that's only a little bit about the bush family.
    i know they arent really the topic, but your company reflects who you really are and many, many people in washington call the bush family friends, despite gdub's unpopularity.

    that family went from shit to billionaire american royalty in 100 years, and you gotta do dirt to come up like that. idc what you say.

    got off track..

    Biometric RFID tracking chips. they were first implanted in dogs and cats. then after 9/11 people started getting butthurt & acting so retarded they actually started having their kids implanted with them, like a kiddie GPS. now, these same retards are so scared shitless that Osama is gonna allibab their door down him self & beat them in to submission with his dialysis machine that people have willingly had their entire familes implanted with RFID chips with GPS like functions for "protection from the terrorists".
    thats willing retards, not the general populace.

    now, the US Senate passed a bill in 07 basically saying that all Gov ID's [fed/state] would have RFID chips in them by ?may? 08, & the internets blew up with OMGS MARK OF THE BEASTERS!! turned out they only put them in to international passports.. so far.

    but im done here.
    you can check all that info.. i might be off with a date or two because i'm smoking hash but whatever. :)
  7. hahaha nice rant man.
  8. whoa whoa whoa!!!!

    thats means i wont be bringing any goodies back from holland again??

    what about the they scan these too?

    what ever happened to privacy??
  9. I can understand it

    It's just kinda....weird. But hey, whatever it takes I guess
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    It will make it easier for me to hit on the cute TSA now.

    If you believe that, then the terrorists have won.
  11. omg no!!!!!!!
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    How have the Terrorist won?

    So you mean to tell me that the most Logical explanation is this:

    About 3-4 Men with Turbans or long hair and scraggly beards and hair, get on a plane and take over 200 passengers with box cutters, then take over the pilot and crash the planes?

    Get the fuck out of here, you couldn't take over a Bus, in DC, with 30 passengers if you had a .45 caliber pistol.

    The logic is simple, think about the whole situation for longer than 30 minutes and get back to me.

    EDIT:::: Most likely I will get negative repped by a bunch of immature people who damn somebody for speaking their mind.

    For the future irritation of those people, fuck you
  13. Ignorance like this is not going to solve the problem.

    I dont have to say it, but I will. Thinking it was a government cover up is laughable at best. This is why they say 25% of Americans are retarded, or unable to think rationally.
  14. lol. Ok, thinking your way.

    If our "Terrorist" WERE, smart enough to know how to fly a plane, and then find out how to board one, and where to conceil a weapon. Now, he is so smart that they took over the planes near midflight, and knew where to fly them and hit the pentagon, at the right angle that it would peirce the bottom of the wall.

    Why in the fuck werent they smart enough to predict we would retaliate? Why didnt Osama have a million soldiers set with nukes and earthquake level bombs?, the shit should have looked like the Spartans at the end of the movie 300.

    Instead, we take over the whole country in what? 2 weeks?.

    It wasnt a half hour either Weezy, why dont you think about it a lil more bro.
  15. Terrorism isn't some country we can slap an embargo on, their existance is victory.
  16. lol alright fox you just have fun in your own little world.

  17. so you really believe in whats called terrorism?
  18. WTF does that mean dude? Im really high, so Laymans terms would be nice.
  19. They (Terrorists) don't have a capital city we can bomb, they don't have leaders we can negotiate with, they cannot surrender, because they exist as an indestructible ideal. Terror.

    That is why, in my opinion, the 'war on terror' can never be won.
  20. i feel you. you cant destroy an ideal, you can destroy people, but never an ideal. the more we fight them, the more the ideal grows. hence all the stupid fucking suicide bombings in the middle east. we need to stop playing world police, and stop being egotistical, materialistic, greedy douchebags and just leave them the fuck alone.

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